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Captain Marvel Endgame Prequel Audi Car Ad

This ad for an Audi electric car features Captain Marvel being caught up on earth developments that have taken place during her time away faring through space.
It’s amusing.
It features (minor spoiler) more Captain Marvel dialogue and screen time than Endgame itself.
It may also explain why our opposition leader in Australia thinks it takes eight minutes to charge an electric car.

I totally expect to go and see Endgame again on Saturday.

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When Failure Creates Unexpected Success – New Coke

This Today I Found Out video tells the story of Coca-Cola’s spectacularly unsuccessful attempt to replace their original formula signature product propelled it to greater heights of popularity.
The part about people’s reaction to finding out they preferred the new formula to the old is particularly amusing, too.

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If You Have A Christmas Tree Your Cat Does Not Need A Christmas Present

It would be the same for toddlers too, but people still give them presents regardless.

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Paqui’s Carolina Reaper Madness Corn Chip – The World’s Hottest Chip

Paqui’s Carolina Reaper Madness is billed as the world’s hottest chip.
They are marketed singly.
That’s right: one chip per serve.

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Death Star Toaster

Death Star toaster.
Fully armed and operational Death. Star. Toaster.

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Basil Fawlty Shilling For Specsavers

John Cleese revives his Basil Fawlty persona after 35 years for an ad for Specsavers, of all things.