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Love Will Never Fail – 1 Corinthians 13 (featuring Leslie Jordan from The Porter’s Gate – Neighbor Songs Album)

Love Will Never Fail is a setting of 1 Corinthians 13 and is one of the tracks from Neighbor Songs, the second album released by a collective of musicians under the name The Porter’s Gate.
This song features Leslie Jordan on vocals with a choral backing.

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Luther: The Life and Legacy of the German Reformer (Full Documentary from Ligonier viewable at Youtube for a limited time)

Ligonier Ministries have a documentary about Martin Luther that they’ve placed on YouTube for a week or so.
If the YouTube embed below doesn’t work it’s too late.
Please don’t complain to me if you miss out.
It is available to purchase by a variety of means from their website.
Luther was not a perfect man, and the documentary does not argue for that.
He was used by God, and we can learn from that.

Here’s the trailer.

Here’s the documentary, while it lasts.

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Always Gonna Be by Selah

Selah are an interesting group, one woman and two men with the vocals of all three the strong focus of their work.
Todd Smith, Amy Perry and Alan Hall have been together for twenty years or so now, and their work shows a confidence in the abilities and a willingness to draw on a variety on genre styles in their work.

Always Gonna Be is from their latest album Firm Foundation.

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Use This Gospel by Kanye West

The only other similar ‘conversion’ by a popular artist that I can think of that seems comparable to the attention Kanye West is receiving was that of Bob Dylan in the 70’s.
Of course the immediacy and ubiquity of media in contemporary times elevates the situation to something of a fever pitch.
Current culture does not allow a lot of margin for reflection before its attention moves on to the next thing, which creates an expectation for the next thing before the last thing has really stopped echoing.
Anyway, I can say I’ve posted a Kanye track (and an instrumental by Kenny G, of all people) on my blog.

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The Earth Shall Know (feat. Casey J, Leslie Jordan, and Urban Doxology from The Porter’s Gate – Neighbor Songs Album)

The Earth Shall Know is one of the tracks from Neighbor Songs, the second album released by a collective of musicians under the name The Porter’s Gate.
Here are some gorgeous harmonies from Casey J, Leslie Jordan, and Urban Doxology.

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Cinderblock – Spirit Animal Of The Exercising World

I’ll be back on the treadmill at the gym tomorrow morning.
Some friendly person cheerfully inquired as to whether I slept in today because it was 5.05 and not 4.55 when I arrived.
Anyway, at various points I’ll be thinking of Cinderblock, the latest internet celebrity cat who was surrendered to a vet by her infirm owner because she was too much to care for because of her weight.
Rather than putting her down, the vet decided to put the cat on a health kick.
The clips on YouTube may make you briefly wonder which option Cinderblock may prefer at different times.
But it’s a generally heart-warming story, and congrats to Purina for helping out.

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Behold The Lamb Of God 2019 – Official Lyric Video

Andrew Peterson’s Behold The Lamb Of God has been re-recorded and re-released.
A beautiful work of musical biblical theology it is my Christmas soundtrack.
It should be available from most Christian retailers in time for December listening.
If you don’t have it it, get it.
If you do have it, you’ll be purchasing this edition anyway.

Here’s the title track, which serves as both introduction and conclusion.
The beginning and the end.