Channel 9 used to have a repeat of Ellen at 4.30am weekdays. Since Ellen has been banished from even early morning tv they’re now showing infomercials instead. Infomercials are more socially acceptable than Ellen. Drill-bits, Mattress Overlays, Ladders, Home Treadmills, and Static-Electric Dusters. All more socially acceptable than Ellen.

For years we’ve been organising Fire Drills at mgpc. Organising is probably too strong a word, but I can’t think of a substitute. The biggest challenge is finding a morning when it’s not freezing or raining outside. Those mornings, most people would rather take their chances with a fire. I don’t know why this scene …

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Watching the tv drama John Adams, Adams and Thomas Jefferson are portrayed discussing government. Paul Giamatti is superb (no surprise) and provides the following statement as Adams: Indeed. And what is government, ultimately, but putting into effect the lessons, which we have learned in dealing with the contradictions in our own characters.