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Footy Tipping 2016 – NRL Round 5 / AFL Round 2

NRL continued its (lack) of formline last week, while the AFL demonstrated some interesting results.
The NRL has what would seem to be a round that pretty much tips itself, with the Wests/Cronulla game close and Easts due to do something sometime.
The AFL has a round that poses challenges to Hawthorn, Adelaide, Fremantle and Collingwood who wouldn’t have been expected to begin the season with two losses if results go against them this weekend. Melbourne and Western Bulldogs starting with two wins may not have been expected either. Geelong seem to have had the best offseason recruiting drive in recent memory.

NRL (last round 3/8; season tally 17/32)
North Queensland
New Zealand

AFL (last round 6/9; season tally 6/9)
Port Adelaide
North Melbourne
Western Bulldogs

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Abide With Me by Audrey Assad

I think Abide With Me is the final of the eleven tracks from Audrey Assad’s Inheritance album to be posted as a lyric video.
If you like them the album is available on download services, and I’d expect Koorong to have it in stock some time or another.
Wonderful listening.

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Abridged Classics (via Wrong Hands)

There’s a skill in summarising a book’s central theme.
From here.
Here’s a second dose.

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Keeping Black Clothes Black

Not being particularly fashion conscious I don’t mind greying too much.
Anyway, this video has some tips.

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Wee Waa And A Fitting Testimony For A Christian Life (via David Cook)

David Cook returns to the town of Wee Waa in country NSW for a weekend of Easter ministry and reflects on the enduring legacy of people he served with as their pastor over thirty years ago.

“They grew cotton, but they so lived and live that they robbed death of many of its prey, by pointing people to Christ. Their work was not in vain. Many of them are with Christ which is better by far. We will soon be there as well, awaiting our new resurrection body.”

Read the whole post here.

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Easter Song by Keith Green

Amie sang and Brian played Easter Song last Sunday at mgpc.
Here’s Keith Green’s famous rendition.

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Batman V Superman

It’s okay.
This isn’t too spoilery, but mileage may vary.
It moves along and packs in a frightening amount of story. (Stories, really. Dark Knight Returns and Doomsday. Plus more.)
Sets up a few other things that look interesting. (Justice League, anyone? Hopefully they won’t all fight each other the first time they meet. That would take a long time.)
A fight occurs because one character is deemed to be an unaccountable loose cannon and the other is committed to curtailing him. (In a reversal to how you might expect that to work.)
Batman ends up being a friend to Superman, but don’t think too closely about how they get to that point. (Fight to the death starts, fight to the death ends, because… reasons. Well, names, anyway.)
Lots of questions about all sorts of philosophical issues get raised, and not really dealt with. (Notwithstanding the person who asks most of the big questions seems to be crazy as a Junebug with daddy issues.)
Wonder Woman shines brightly.

Waiting for more.