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Because It’s The Next One – A Story About Bible Memorisation

An anecdote about Bible scholar Vern Poythress from his son Justin regarding his memorised knowledge of the Bible.

I still remember being stunned at about age ten when my mother revealed to me that you could quote or read any selection from the Bible and my dad would be able to tell exactly what chapter and verse it came from. Naturally, I had to test this a few times and soon discovered that my dad had indeed mastered this neat little party trick, though I saw little more value to it at the time.
When I got into college and seminary, that’s when I started hearing the stories. A seminary employee recounted the following to me: Upon seeing Vern Poythress eating his lunch in the Machen dining hall by himself, the man observed that my father was whispering over a Bible.
“What are you doing?”
“Memorizing the book of Habakkuk,” Dad replied.
“Why Habakkuk?”
“Because it’s the next one.”

There’s more at the whole post here.

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Children Of The Living God by Buddy Greene

Buddy Green sings the Fernando Ortega song Children Of The Living God.

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When Your Partner Is Down And Can’t Get Up (via Glen Scrivener)

Glen Scrivener writes ten thoughts that have sustained him as he supports his wife through mental illness.
They are his perspectives, shaped from his experiences, and he offers them for whatever others may gain from them.

Here’s one:

Your Oneness Is Deeper Than This Problem
It’s never “you vs. your problem spouse.” It’s always “you and your spouse vs. this problem.” Never allow the enemy to cast your beloved as the problem. A major way of maintaining this truth is to keep practicing truth number six: keep repenting, and openly so. It encourages your partner — and your oneness — if you’re also transparent with your struggles.

Read the rest of the article at the Gospel Coalition.

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There Is A Mountain by Caroline Cobb

There Is A Mountain is another track from Caroline Cobb’s great biblical theological themed album a Home & a Hunger: Songs of Kingdom Hope.

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Ten Pastoral Heartaches (via Chuck Lawless)

Chuck Lawless describes ten sources of pastoral heartache.
All the pastors I know consistently express these griefs as a part of their lives. It’s not something to pity, nor are these situations unknown to others, but our calling demands that we can’t avoid circumstances such as these.
We’re invested in people’s lives, the ups and the downs (the sideways and the marking time).
It is by no means an exhaustive list.

  1. We mourn when marriages fall apart.
  2. We hurt when young people make decisions that lead to trouble.
  3. We occasionally beat ourselves up when our sermon wasn’t nearly as strong as we thought it would be.
  4. We sometimes grieve the sin of others more than they do.
  5. We ache when our church must carry out church discipline.
  6. We struggle when the churches we lead aren’t growing.
  7. We sometimes hurt alone when we see the loneliness and struggles of our families.
  8. We quietly grieve funerals for persons who showed no evidence of Christian conversion.
  9. We wrestle with loneliness when we don’t know how to develop strong friendships.
  10. We often feel guilty even expressing any of these thoughts.

Read Lawless’ post for brief explanations of each of these.