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O Come, O Come Emmanuel (14) – Christmas Songs 2018

O Come, O Come Emmanuel rolls on for another day.
This recording is by a duo who record under the name Marian Grace.

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Bethlehemian Rhapsody 2018

With the movie about Freddy Mercury and Queen having brought new generations of listeners, here’s the Christmas themed ‘Bethlehemian Rhapsody’ which I’m sure some of you haven’t heard before.
Unlike a lot of Christian appropriations of popular music (I’m looking at you, Hallelujah) this one isn’t lame or inept.
This puppet themed ‘cover’ video even slips in a nod (so to speak) to Wayne’s World.

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O Come, O Come Emmanuel (13) – Christmas Songs 2018

This version of O Come, O Come Emmanuel by Citizens (then known as Citizens and Saints) is an interesting artefact. It is recognisable for the band’s style, and an uptempo arrangement that presents the yearning of the song in a different way.

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John The Baptist And Saying ‘Come Lord Jesus’ And Meaning It (via Fleming Rutledge)

Fleming Rutledge writes about John the Baptist and what she terms “apocalyptic transvision — that vision given to the church that sees through the appearances of this world to the blazing power and holiness of the coming of the Lord.”

…. It has occurred to me that the image of Jesus as the cosmic Judge who will ultimately come again to put an end to all sin and wickedness forever is not so frightening to the poor and oppressed of the earth as it is to those who have a lot to lose.
If your loved one is in the habit of buying you expensive Christmas gifts, you might not be so crazy about the idea of Jesus coming back before Santa Claus gets here. But suppose you had been a Christian in prison in the Soviet Union. Or suppose you had been a black person in Apartheid-era South Africa directed to pack up your meager belongings and take them to a so-called homeland that wasn’t your home and that wouldn’t offer you dignified employment. Suppose you were elderly and handicapped in the South Bronx and had just been robbed and terrorized for the third time. In circumstances like those, you might say Maranatha and really mean it.
Even today, John the Baptist’s lonely, austere style of life bears witness to a reality that is coming, a reality that will expose all worldly realities, all earthly conditions, all human promises as fraudulent and transitory. His appearance on the scene at this time of year exposes our pretensions for what they really are. Never have we needed him more!

Read the whole post at Christianity Today.

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O Come, O Come Emmanuel (12) – Christmas Songs 2018

This version of O Come, O Come Emmanuel is by vocal duo Shane and Shane.
It took me a second or two to adjust to just how high the vocals are at the start.

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Comforting (via Lunarbaboon)

A comic strip from Lunarbaboon that conveys some wisdom about the comfort of presence.

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I Will Trust My Saviour Jesus – Sunday Songs

CityAlight have new music out, an EP called Yet Not I.
I Will Trust My Saviour Jesus is one of the songs.

The lyrics:
I will trust my Saviour Jesus
When my darkest doubts befall
Trust Him when to simply trust Him
Seems the hardest thing of all
I will trust my Saviour Jesus
Trust Him when my strength is small
For I know the shield of Jesus
Is the safest place of all.
Jesus, only Jesus
Help me trust you more and more
Jesus, only Jesus
May my heart be ever yours
I will trust my Saviour Jesus
He has said His way is best
For I know the path He’s chosen
Leads to everlasting rest
Oh on that cross, how it was seen
I can go now ever trusting in the One who died for me
What could I bring for your gift is complete
So I trust you, simply trust you,
Lord, with every part of me

Words & Music: Jaywan Maxwell, Tiarne Tranter, Jonny Robinson, Rich Thompson & Lucy A. Bennett © CityAlight