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Intersection Of Burke And Swanston Streets, 5.30am October 18 2019

This is what the middle of Melbourne looks like at 5.30am, early on a mid-spring Friday morning.

This week I’ve walked the length of most of the major and ‘little’ streets.

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There Was Jesus by Zach Williams and Dolly Parton

There Was Jesus by Zach Williams and Dolly Parton (!) turned up on my Facebook feed courtesy of friend Tamara today.
I’ve never heard of Zach before, but Dolly (!!), everyone knows Dolly (!!!).

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Chapel Street

Rachel and I walked from South Yarra Station to Windsor Station down Chapel Street this afternoon.

She was somewhat overwhelmed by the number of quality op shops. And, of course the Chapel Street Bazaar.

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Hawker 88 Night Market

The Queen Victoria Market is not open on Wednesdays, but they have featured a hawker food stall night market on Wednesday nights over the last couple of months.
Tonight’s featured Diwali, so Indian entertainment was front and centre.
We were there between 6.00 to 7.30pm, but it looked as if heaps more folk were arriving and closing time wasn’t until 10.00.

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Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Oddly enough I’ve never watched either movie version of Willie Wonka or read Roald Dahl’s book, but I’ve assimilated a lot of the story by pop-culture osmosis.
Seeing Charlie And The Chocolate Factory is a belated 21st birthday gift to my youngest daughter.
This sort of production has more emphasis on spectacle, because the story is familiar.
It was very enjoyable, well performed, and the Oompa-loompas (and squirrels) were quite diverting.
All the cast managed to convey the heart of their characters in ways that created appropriate empathy without resorting to sentimentalism, which is in keeping with Dahl.
The songs are okay without being particularly memorable, but do give the performers opportunity to display their vocal skills.

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Come From Away

Come From Away is a touching musical story about a town in Newfoundland (named Gander) that hosted the flights diverted (and grounded) due to the September 11 attacks.
Five days, nineteen animals and 7000 strays is one of the taglines.
I appreciated Philippians 4:6 and Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace (which we had sung a couple of days ago in Scots’ church in Melbourne coincidentally) getting significant exposure at pivotal points in the storyline.
An ensemble cast with musical support transitioned between various roles, storylines, and musical styles pretty seamlessly; with most castmembers on stage for the majority of the performance.

My daughter trying to teach me how to take photos.

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Melbourne Cat Café

Today my daughter and I spent an hour or so at the Cat Café in Melbourne’s CBD.
Hidden away in Guildford Lane, it has two stories of cats roaming as they like.
It’s a charming place. Caringly run, the feline residents (all re-homed from refuge situations) are well cared for and unstressed by the 18 or so strangers who visit each hour.
Drinks and snacks are basic, but you’re there for the cats.
Fellow visitors ran the range from a couple very, very emotional cat enthusiasts to one younger lady who had never petted a cat before.
My daughter commented there wouldn’t be any need to visit a cat café in our home town because we already have a cat.
But when you’re away from home and miss some feline company it hits the spot.

How many cats? (And thinking of the one special cat at home)