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Yet Not I, But Through Christ In Me by Selah

Yet Not I, But Through Christ In Me is a track from Selah’s latest album Firm Foundation.
This song has strong lyrics and all three vocalists have space to demonstrate their individual strengths and wonderful combinations.

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Life Beyond The Meme For Hide The Pain Harold (via The Guardian Online)

One of the faces that launched thousands of internet memes features an image sourced from stock photos of a mature aged gent with a fixed smile and eyes that seem to portray mixed emotions about the situation he’s found himself in.
He was dubbed ‘Hide the pain Harold.’
Oddly enough he features in large numbers of memes aimed at pastors.
I have no idea why.
None whatsoever.

This article from Guardian online relates how András Arató, of Budapest, came to be the subject of the photo, and how he has sought to claim the identity that had achieved online notoriety, even making something of a later-life career out of the situation.
Turns out he really is smiling on both the outside and the inside.

Well worth a read:

I’m 74 now. I spent 40 years as an engineer. I did a bit of public speaking then, at conferences and lectures, but that was very different from appearing on television talkshows and YouTube videos. As an engineer, it was really me. Now, it’s role play: I’m Hide the Pain Harold. But I’m not actually a sad guy – I think I’m rather a happy one.

Read the whole article at Guardian online.

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The Difference Between Forests, Woods, And Jungles (via Mental Floss)

Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees.
But what about the wood or the jungle?

This article on Mental Floss is about the differences between the three terms.

Cutting to the chase:

To summarize, forests are historically and colloquially considered to be larger than woods, and scientifically considered to be more dense. Jungles are technically forests, too, since jungle is a casual word for what scientists call a tropical forest.

Read all the background explanation at Mental Floss.

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Revival Anthem – Sunday Songs

When Rend Collective release new songs they’re worth a listen.
Good tunes, stirring lyrics, singable.
Revival Anthem is self-consciously significant.
It’s not triumphalistic, despite the music.
It expresses faith in God’s power to work in the lives of His people.
The only thing it lacks is an explicit mention Jesus and that the declaration of his redemptive work of Jesus as being the primary work of God’s people.
It’s implicit, I guess.
Apparently they’ve taken some flak over the ‘Holy riot’ line.
I wouldn’t think it’s as big a deal as ‘reckless love’ or ‘sloppy wet kiss’ but your mileage may vary.
All the la-la-las are a bit much for me.
I don’t think we’d use this in Congregational worship.

The lyrics:
Spirit fall down
Start a Holy riot
Fill this place now
With the tongues of fire
Break the strongholds
Come and unleash heaven 
Burn within us
Make us bold as lions
This is our revival anthem
Can you feel the darkness shaking
Oh, we are the dry bones rising 
This will be our great awakening
This is our revival anthem
Fill our hearts, Lord
With a Holy danger
Lead us beyond
Our fear of failure
We’ll fight the good fight
In Your strength and power
We’ll take back the night
Victory is ours 
We will praise You when our hearts are breaking
Praise You when our world is caving
We will not, we will not be moved
We will praise You till we see Your kingdom 
Greater things are surely coming
You are God, and You are on the move

Words and Music: Chris Llewellyn, Gareth Gilkeson
(c) 2019 Capitol CMG Paragon, Rend Family Music (Admin. by Capitol CMG Publishing)

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New City Catechism Question and Answer 45

Question 45
Is baptism with water the washing away of sin itself?

No, only the blood of Christ and the renewal of the Holy Spirit can cleanse us from sin.

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Grown Water – Fruit and Vegetable Juice Without the Fruit and Vegetables

We saw the latest in bottled water in the supermarket today.
Botanical Water.
It may win the prize for most surreal product since rainbow water.