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Evening Commute

Full day of meetings concluded.

Train trip and then a shortish drive, and then sleep.

Longer drive to visit family tomorrow.

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We. Know. Not. How. (via Nathan Knight at The Gospel Coalition)

This sort of humility in gospel work is refreshing in a Christian culture that takes the circumstances of a move of God, distills them to a set of practices or a program, and then expects gospel fruit from emulating those circumstances.
I like intentionality, but pause at the point where the program is depended upon to produce fruit, without conscious reliance on God’s graciousness.
I also want to affirm that while there may be no “proven strategies” there are behaviours that are so antithetical to grace that their fruit is decay.
Though written in the context of church planting I think it holds true for church growth plans as well.
From Nathan Knight:

There are no “proven strategies,” no books, no Enneagram numbers, that if you just plug into a city will produce success. Success is found in the faithful spreading of the seed.
How does it grow? We. Know. Not. How. We planters rest in the sufficiency of Christ and the Word that points to him as we lovingly and liberally scatter the gospel in our cities. Scattering seed and sleeping defines our success, beloved. How about that?

Read the whole post at Gospel Coalition.

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Hopefully Not All Three

Warning sign purposely located to keep people on the platform at Murrarie Train Station, Brisbane.

Important use of the comma between ‘fine’ and ‘injury’. I’d have used one between ‘injury’ and ‘or’ as well. The meaning seems pretty clear, but you’re communicating with people who think jumping down on train tracks has a future.

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Let Us Be Known (featuring Diana Gameros from The Porter’s Gate – Neighbor Songs Album) – Sunday Songs

Let Us Be Known is a track from Neighbor Songs, the second album released by a collective of musicians under the name The Porter’s Gate.
The song features lyrics in Spanish and English.
It seems to be an adaption/development of this song by Ryan Flanigan.


Que la alegría sea nuestro motor
En cada lugar y corazón canta a el Senor
Que de nuestras vidas, abundar en esperanza
Que la alegría sea nuestro motor

Por la gloria del Padre
Por la gloria del Hijo
Por la gloria del Espíritu
Qua la alegria ser a nuestro motor

Let us be known by our love
Let every word and every deed, honor the son
Let our light shine in every eye
Let us be known by our love

For the glory of the Father
For the glory of the Son
For the glory of the Spirit
Let us be known by our love

For the glory of the Father
For the glory of the Son
For the glory of the Spirit
Let us be known by our love

Written by: Matt Armstrong, Micah Massey, Nate Moore, and Ryan Flanigan
© 2015 Curb Wordspring Music/SESAC (adm by W.B.M. Music Corp.), Bethel Worship Publishing/Mouth Of The River Music/BMI (adm by Bethel Music Publishing), Common Hymnal Publishing/10000 Fathers/ASCAP, Common Hymnal Digital/Ryan Flanigan Music/BMI (adm by Capitol CMG Publishing)

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New City Catechism Question and Answer 46

Question 46
What is the Lord’s Supper?

Christ commanded all Christians to eat bread and to drink from the cup in thankful remembrance of him and his death. The Lord’s Supper is a celebration of the presence of God in our midst; bringing us into communion with God and with one another; feeding and nourishing our souls. It also anticipates the day when we will eat and drink with Christ in his Father’s kingdom.

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The Place Where Wounds Become Openings For A New Vision (via Henri Nouwen)

There is no place where wounds and pains are absent, even in the fellowship of the church.
The Gospel enables the wounds to be openings where light breaks through, the pains a common pointer to future wholeness and joy.
This is our expectation as we gather in worship tomorrow.
Henri Nouwen writes:

It belongs to the central insight of the Judaeo-Christian tradition, that it is the call of God which forms the people of God.
A Christian community is there for a healing community not because wounds are cured and pains are alleviated, but because wounds and pains become openings or occasions for a new vision. Mutual confession then become a mutual deepening of hope, and sharing weakness becomes a reminder to one and all of the coming strength.

Henri Nouwen, The Wounded Healer Darton, Longman, and Todd, 1994 ed., pg 94.