Here’s Jesus Comes With Clouds Descending in an acoustic folk rendition by Holy City Hymns.

If you search the internet you’ll find lots of links to this story about an Australian family, resident in the Adelaide Hills region, who arrived home to find out a koala had invaded their home and taken up residence in their Christmas tree.

Here’s a link to the national public broadcaster ABC’s report.

Coromandel Valley home owner Amanda McCormick told ABC Radio Adelaide she was “shocked” to discover the animal sitting in the plastic tree, surrounded by baubles, stars and snowflakes.
“I got home from work and the dog made a beeline for the Christmas tree and I noticed all of the decorations on the floor,” she said.


A koala has made its way into an Adelaide house and climbed a Christmas tree. (Supplied: Amanda McCormick) source: ABC

The idea that Jesus’ second coming is to rescue his people from the suffering that this dark world inflicts on us is an important hope.
So is the reality that Jesus’ second coming will rescue his people from the darkness that dwells within us.
As time goes by the second aspect of the rescue means more and more.
We can look forward to that refining fire because our Judge is also our brother and friend, who cares for us.

From Fleming Rutledge’s book Advent:

I wonder if you, like me, have grown weary of patterns in your own life. As I have grown older, I have recognised that there are certain impulses and tendencies in my personality that I have worked very hard to overcome, but they are still there, causing me – and others – no end of trouble. I am looking forward to passing through the refiner’s fire. I am so joyful to know that those traits will be judged and gone forever. I hope that’s true for you too. We rejoice to know that it is the Lord himself who will come and be our Judge.

Fleming Rutledge, Advent – The Once & Future Coming Of Jesus Christ, Eerdmans, 2018, pgs 183-184.

While we’re in the Advent zone of Christmas songs I’d normally feature both O Come, O Come Emmanuel and Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus.
Thanks to The Petersens here’s both.
Three verses of O Come and what I think is all of Come Thou.

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