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Saviour Of The Nations Come by Koiné- Christmas Songs 2019 Day 7

Saviour Of The Nations is an old hymn, based on even older words.
This rendition by a group named Koiné actually uses the traditional melody in a comptemporary rendition, and does capture some of the sense of desire and anticipation the hymn expresses.

The lyrics:
Saviour of the nations, come;
Virgin’s Son, make here your home.
Marvel now, O heav’n and earth,
That the Lord chose such a birth.
Not by human flesh and blood,
By the Spirit of our God
Was the Word of God made flesh,
Woman’s offspring, pure and fresh.
Wondrous birth! O wondrous Child
Of the virgin undefiled,
Though by all the world disowned,
Yet to be in heav’n enthroned!
From the Father’s throne he came
And ascended to the same,
Captive leading death and hell —
High the song of triumph swell!
Praise to God the Father sing,
Praise to God the Son, our King,
Praise to God the Spirit be
Ever and eternally.

Text: Ambrose, 340-97, abr.; German version, Martin Luther, 1483-1546, abr,; tr. William M. Reynolds, 1812-76, alt.
Text and Tune: public domain. *Setting: (C) 1993 Kermit G. Moldenhauer. Used by permission. Arr. Koiné

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New City Catechism Question and Answer 49

Question 49
Where is Christ now?

Christ rose bodily from the grave on the third day after his death and is seated at the right hand of the Father, ruling his kingdom and interceding for us, until he returns to judge and renew the whole world.

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Justice Will Roll Down by Sandra McCracken – Christmas Songs 2019 Day 6

Justice Will Roll Down, by Sandra McCracken.
This recording is from her Steadfast Live album.
A light shines in the darkness.
The light will return, creation will be renewed, the darkness will be gone forever.

The lyrics:
Verse 1.
Oh my love, you have grown so cold
To the world outside, to the house next door
She who has been loved much, has so much to give
Mercy is the fragrance, of the broken
Justice will roll down, oh justice will roll down
From high upon those mountains with a mighty river sound
It will roll down
It will roll down
Verse 2.
Oh my child, I will be your light
In your secret pain, in the dark of night
No enemy, no conqueror, will steal your life from me
I am your salvation, and your victory
Verse 3.
Soon oh soon, when the trumpet sounds
Every knee shall bend, every heart will pound
I have made a new world, where the servant is the King
Oppression will be over, and the slave set free

Words & Music: Sandra McCracken

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Prayers And Priorities (preparing for MGPC 8/12/19)

Song: No Other Name
Call to Worship
Song: In Tenderness
Prayer Of Confession
Song: O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Affirming our Faith: New City Catechism 48
Song: May The Grace Of Christ Our Saviour
Bible Reading: Luke 20: 1-18 – Now in Jerusalem, the last week of his earthly ministry, Jesus is challenged by the religious and political authorities and teaches the Parable of the Vine-Growers.
Bible Memorisation: Romans 5:8
Song: I Cannot Tell
Bible Reading: Colossians 4: 2-6
Sermon: Prayers And Proiroities
Welcome to Membership
The Lord’s Supper (gf bread)
Pastoral Prayer:
Closing Blessing
Song: The Love Of the Father

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Mary’s Song by Ordinary Time – Christmas Songs 2019 Day 5

Mary’s Song, by Ordinary Time.
Another song which is a reflection on the Magnificat, Mary’s song of praise in Luke’s Gospel.
This is from their first release, In The Town Of David.
Great harmonies in this rendition. Their music grows more accomplished in their later releases.

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Broken Homes In The Bible (via Richard Pratt)

When faced with brokenness in families it is tempting to confuse obedience to God’s precepts with obligating God by obedience to his precepts.
Richard Pratt writes about brokenness in families, which will be present everywhere because families are made up of imperfect people:
An excerpt:

In recent decades, Christian television has spread what many call the “prosperity gospel” — the misguided belief that if we have enough faith, God will heal our diseases and provide us with great financial blessings. Of course, most people reading this article scoff at the thought that faith can yield such benefits. But don’t laugh too hard. We have our own prosperity gospel for our families. We simply replace having enough faith with having enough obedience. We believe that we can lift our families out of their brokenness if we conform to God’s commands.
You’ve probably encountered this outlook at one time or another. Teachers and pastors tell wives that they will enjoy wonderful relationships with their husbands and children if they will become “an excellent wife” (Prov. 31:10). After all, Proverbs 31:28 says: “Her children rise up and bless her; her husband also, and he praises her.” At men’s conferences, fathers recommit themselves for the sake of their children because “the righteous who walks in his integrity — blessed are his children after him!” (Prov. 20:7). In much the same way, young parents are led to believe that the eternal destinies of their children depend on strict and consistent training. You know the verse: “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it” (Prov. 22:6). Passages like these have been taken as indicating that Christian families experience blessings and loss from God, quid pro quo. We believe that God promises a wonderful family life to those who obey His commands.
Now, we need to be clear here. The proverbs commend certain paths to family members because they reflect the ways God ordinarily distributes His blessings. But ordinarily does not mean necessarily. Excellent wives have good reason to expect honor from their husbands and children. Fathers with integrity often enjoy seeing God’s blessings on their children. Parents who train their children in the fear of the Lord follow the path that frequently brings children to saving faith. But excellent wives, faithful husbands, and conscientious parents often endure terrible hardship in their homes because proverbs are not promises. They are adages that direct us toward general principles that must be applied carefully in a fallen world where life is always somewhat out of kilter. As the books of Job and Ecclesiastes illustrate so vividly, we misconstrue the Word of God when we treat proverbs as if they were divine promises.
Quite often, there are correlations between obedience and blessings, as well as between disobedience and loss. But never be fooled into thinking you are able to figure out what God will do next in someone’s family.

Read the whole article at Keylife (who have sourced it from Ligonier)

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Canticle Of The Turning by Theresa Donohoo – Christmas Songs 2019 Day 4

Canticle Of The Turning, by Rory Cooney, sung by Theresa Donohoo.
A song based on the Magnificat, Mary’s song of praise in Luke’s Gospel.
There’s lots of renditions of this around, it goes well in Celtic, folk, or even light classic renditions.
This is a classic version of the song.