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Footy Tipping 2016 – NRL Round 25 / AFL Round 23

The final home and away round of AFL for 2016, along with the penultimate NRL round.
The top eights of both comps seem settled, though there are many permutations of places in the AFL with results and percentages all important.
For all my bleating about the NRL, all the teams currently in the top eight have more wins that losses (Gold Coast are equal, but have one draw) and all have positive points differentials.

NRL (last round 7/8; season tally 114/178)
North Queensland
Gold Coast
New Zealand

AFL (last round 6/9; season tally 132/189)
Port Adelaide
Greater Western Sydney
Saint Kilda
Western Bulldogs

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The Church Is Important Because The Fruit Of The Gospel Is Not Just The Conversion Of Individuals But The Creation Of The Church (via Peter Adam)

Being a Christian is a corporate experience with individual implications, not an individual experience with corporate implications.
Peter Adam is writing a brief series about preaching. Here he addresses what it means to understand the Bible (and preaching) is “mainly addressed to God’s people, not to individuals.”

Individualism in preaching [that is, merely addressing individuals] misses the main purpose and aim of the Bible, and so mistreats it. Even in individual Bible reading, we should be thinking of how this message impacts our church. We need to realise how frequently “you” in the Bible is “you” [plural], rather than “you” [singular]. It would help if we popularised the word “youse”, as we could then use it in our translations of the Bible! We should use the Bible for the main purpose for which God wrote it, to create, mature, train, correct, transform, equip, and perfect his church.

Read the whole post here.

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Real Church Is More Than A Human Support Group (via Ray Ortlund)

Ray Ortlund writes about the messiness of real church.

And the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin
Real church is more than a human support group, more than empathy. The sacred blood of Jesus is here. And we bring no sin out into the light which his blood cannot cleanse away: “. . . all sin.” This is not sinless perfection, but it is substantial healing in every area of life. That particular sin weighing most heavily on your conscience, that sin that shames you and damns you and haunts you—that is the sin Jesus bled for, and that is the point in your existence where he loves you the most tenderly. Take a step out into the light, as the Holy Spirit nudges you. Confess that particular sin to God and to your fellowship, in some meaningful, appropriate way. Then take the next step after that, as God leads you, and then the next—a new person walking in the light day by day, continually cleansed, constantly reinvigorated, daily included in the circle of grace, not shamed, not forced back into hiding, but trusting in the ongoing power of justification by faith alone, welcomed into the fellowship of the forgiven, and you’re free as never before.
Here is the price we pay: putting our pride away and admitting the truth, moment by moment, as we walk together in the light of the Lord.

Read the whole post here.

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Moroccan Tree Goats (via Atlas Obscura)

Atlas Obscura features goats in Morocco who climb trees to eat nuts. There’s additional gross information about how the ‘processed’ nuts are then gathered and pressed for oil. Ew.
Read and see more here.

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Fullness For The Family (via Daniel Bush & Noel Due)

Anything from Noel Due is worth reading.

You can hardly believe that the church is God’s fullness if you look with the eyes of sight. It always looks weak and beggarly – full of failure, no God. Yet because it’s the family of the Father, because it is inseparably the bride of Christ, because it is the spiritual dwelling place of the Spirit, it is, in fact, “the fullness of him who fills all in all” (Ephesians 1:23).
Because Jesus is the head over all things for the Church, all of the world’s happenings, from the rise and fall of nations to the smoking of volcanoes (Psalms 144:5; 104:32), occur for the good of the Church. When he appoints the boundaries and habitations of the nations (Deuteronomy 32:8; Acts 17:26), it’s for the good of the Church. When he gives power to one of the enemies of the Church that they might rule over it for a season, he’s doing it to bless the Church. Every fibre of Christ’s being is towards us and for us. His every thought, intention, and affection is to bless us, to love us, to fill us, to inhabit us, to pour himself into us. There is absolutely nothing outside of his sovereign control, and he’s been set as head over all things for the express purpose of blessing the Church.

Embracing God As Father, Daniel Bush & Noel Due, Lexham Press, 2015, pg. 26

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A Little Bit Of Royal Trolling

While trolling is meant to be confined to inflammatory behaviour on the internet, I think it can encompass face to face behaviour as well.
This article on Today I Found Out started out answering the question about whether Queen Elizabeth 2 needs a passport (she doesn’t), moves on to observe that she also doesn’t require a driver’s licence (though she can, and has, driven motor vehicles since the second world war), but then adds a delightful anecdote involving a pointed demonstration to Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia that a woman can drive a car.
One gets her amusement as one has opportunity, it seems.
Read here at Today I Found Out.

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The Martyr & Black Leaf by John Paul White

Following my last post, here’s two more tracks from John Paul White’s album Beulah.
The Martyr,

and, by way of contrast, the sparse acoustic Black Leaf.