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So Many Lights, So Little Movement

It’s 6.30pm and it looks like a lot of folk aren’t going to be home any time soon.

At home, when we have ten cars in front of us at the Wehl Street roundabout it’s a tragedy.

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Chadstone Shopping Center

Bigger than Mount Gambier Marketplace and Mount Gambier Central combined.

Much bigger.

This bit was something like five stories up.

It’s a bit bonkers, really.

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Early Morning Melbourne

Sunrise in Melbourne isn’t till 7.30 or so this time of year.

Here’s a couple of shots from the beginning and ends of this morning’s early stroll.

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Shared Lunch

You know I’ve been a bit restrained for the last twelve months.

If I break out, it’s for something worthwhile.

And with someone special. (Rachel, not Margaret, if you’re wondering, though)

Big Boy BBQ, Melbourne. Recommended.

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Hotel Amenities

I just had to start a bit later after the opening crowd went off to get ready for work.

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Save Me by Liz Vice

Save Me is the title track of Liz Vice‘s just-released second album.

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This Week’s Base Of Operations

A few days of rest and recreation.