Love You, Still a song by Andrew Osenga, featuring Taylor Leonhardt.

I know you
and I love you a
nd I always will.
I know you’ve got your secrets,
and I love you still.
There’s so many things you fear,
but I’m not scared at all.
No, I know you,
and I love you,
and I’ll never stop.

How Majestic Is Your Name is derived from Psalm 8.

The lyrics:
When I look at Your heavens
The moon and stars
You set in motion Oh God
I sing all glory and honor
What is man that You are mindful
The son of man
That you would care for Him
We sing all glory and honor

Oh Lord our Lord
Oh how awesome are Your ways
How majestic is Your Name
In all the earth
Oh Lord our Lord
May we see Your kingdom come
Father may Your will be done
In all the earth

In all the earth
You gave dominion to Your children
And You crowned them Oh God
With Glory and honor
So we’ll sing of Your Name
Live our lives for Your greatness Oh God
And Your glory and honor

The earth is full of
The glory of God
Come make much of
The Name above all names
Creation cries out
And every knee bows
Jesus we crown you
Oh Lord our Lord

Words and Music: Shane Corey Barnard / Bethany Joy Barnard
© 2020 Songs From Wellhouse (Admin. by Right Angle Music)

Heidelberg Catechism – Lord’s Day 22

Q. What comfort does “the resurrection of the body” give you?
A. That after this life my soul shall be immediately taken up to Christ, its Head, and that this flesh of mine, raised by the power of Christ, shall be reunited with my soul, and be conformed to the glorious body of Christ.

Q. What comfort does the article concerning “the life everlasting” give you?
A. That, since I now feel in my heart the beginning of eternal joy, I shall possess, after this life, perfect blessedness, which no eye has seen nor ear heard, nor the heart of man conceived, and thereby praise God forever.

The Lucky One by Alison Krauss and Union Station from the album New Favorite.
The song won the Grammy for Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal in 2002.

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