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Heidelberg Catechism – Lord’s Day 29

Heidelberg Catechism – Lord’s Day 29

Q. Do the bread and wine become the very body and blood of Christ?
A. No, for as the water in baptism is not changed into the blood of Christ, nor becomes the washing away of sins by itself, but is only a divine sign and confirmation of it, so also in the Lord’s Supper the sacred bread does not become the body of Christ itself, although, in accordance with the nature and usage of sacraments, it is called the body of Christ.

Q. Then why does Christ call the bread his body, and the cup his blood, or the New Covenant in his blood, and why does the apostle Paul call the Supper “a means of sharing” in the body and blood of Christ?
A. Christ does not speak in this way except for a strong reason. He wishes to teach us by it that as bread and wine sustain this temporal life so his crucified body and shed blood are the true food and drink of our souls for eternal life. Even more, he wishes to assure us by this visible sign and pledge that we come to share in his true body and blood through the working of the Holy Spirit as surely as we receive with our mouth these holy tokens in remembrance of him, and that all his sufferings and his death are our own as certainly as if we had ourselves suffered and rendered satisfaction in our own persons.

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Restore Us Again – Paul Zach (Feat. Liz Vice)

Restore Us Again by Paul Zach, featuring Liz Vice.
Week by week we gather and experience our restoration.

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Hear The Glory (preparing for MGPC 22/7/18)

Song: How Great Is Our God
Call to Worship
Song: This Is Amazing Grace
Prayer Of Confession
Song: Amazing Grace
Affirming our Faith: New City Catechism Q25
Song: May The Grace of Christ Our Saviour
Bible Reading: Nahum 1 – The LORD’s wrath against Nineveh and good news for His people.
Bible Memorisation: James 2:14-17
Song: Now Thank We All Our God
Bible Reading: Mark 9:1-13
Sermon: Hear The Glory
Song: I Stand Amazed In The Presence
Pastoral Prayer:
Closing Blessing
Song: Cornerstone

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The Prodigal Son Suite by Keith Green

The Prodigal Son Suite makes me think of four things:
Brad, who used this song at Wynnum high school religious education classes in Brisbane;
Bec, who played and sang this for us one night in the Mordialloc church hall (with the framed print brought from my home for the occasion);
Chris, who is a big Keith Green fan (an understatement); and
God’s grace.

“My son was lost, oh thank you God he’s found,
My son was dead and he’s now alive,
Prepare a feast for my son’s alive,
My son was dead,
My son was lost,
My son’s returned in the hands of God.”

The song is not the reason I own the framed print, though.
That’s Henri Nouwen’s fault.

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Many Years, One Message – R.C. Sproul

Ligionier Ministries has released a three-minute video compilation of the late R.C. Sproul teaching on his signature subject, the holiness of God.
Though fashions change and the body ages, Sproul’s theme remains consistently the same.

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Where Can I Go by Liz Vice

Where Can I Go, from Liz Vice’s album Save Me.

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Footy Tipping 2018 – NRL Round 19 / AFL Round 18

Is there a football game on somewhere, in some code, tonight?
I can’t keep up.
Anyway, here’s some tips.

NRL (last round 4/4; season tally 75/132)
Gold Coast
Saint George

AFL (last round 5/9; season tally 101/144)
North Melbourne
West Coast
Port Adelaide