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Footy Tipping 2019 – NRL Semi-Finals / AFL Preliminary Finals

IN AFL, things are still falling out for a Richmond-Collingwood Grand Final. Which I have no interest in.
As a last result I’ve tipped them both.
In NRL Brisbane were so close last week, but I think that the result for their season is beyond where everyone would have pegged them this year. Now to back it up.
In the NRL Brisbane had a season that no one in Brisbane will excuse. But any side in the NRL that lacks a quality and cohesive unit of players in positions 1, 6, 7, and 9 will have ordinary results. Brisbane have spent money to bring quality players to their club, but not in the positions that matter. They should look at Easts for tips on how that is done.

NRL (last round 2/4; season tally 123/194)

AFL (last round 1/2; season tally 127/203)

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Praise Without Ceasing, New Album From EMU Music

My CD subscription copy of EMU Music’s new album Praise Without Ceasing arrived today.

It’s a selection of hymns, with their classic tunes receiving arrangements from the EMU musicians.

Newly composed choruses are pretty much absent.

It’s nice to see these historic and substantial articulations of Christian faith being affirmed for contemporary use.

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Back To Normal

I don’t like being out of routine.

It’s one of the reasons I find holidays discomforting.

I mean they’re enjoyable and a bit restful and I do love seeing people, but I do like being home and being in my comfortable pattern.

It’s some sort of control thing, so I do try to break it.

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Home From GAA

After a QLD detour for standing committee meetings and family visits I am now home.

Ten days through five airports (including Melbourne airport in transit today) in four different states, suburban train rides in Sydney and Brisbane; car rides; a drive to Maryborough and back on Sunday (thanks Carolyn for the loan of the 86); a couple of ubers; maybe 5000 klms in total covered; hospitality where I always feel at home in two wonderful homes, six nights at a Novotel in Sydney; one four/five day GAA where I tried to be useful and six standing committee meetings on seven of those days; lodged a couple of administrative petitions with a neighboring state assembly that meets next month (thanks John Wilson), and had more encouraging conversations with friends, family and colleagues than I can count, and now I’m home.


I’m having a break.

Starting tomorrow.

I have some movies to watch.

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Sorry Extroverts

My pleasure at having a seat-space between me and my fellow passenger for the next two+ hours outweighs my guilt about selfishly just wanting retreat into myself and not feel an obligation to interact with a stranger.

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God Of All Comfort by Ellie Holcomb

This lyric video features a song called God Of All Comfort which is a track from Ellie Holcomb’s album Red Sea Road.

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Jetts Gym Milton

I’ve wanted to visit the Jetts Gym at Milton for years.

It’s on the ground floor of the building where the PCQ church offices are located.

A stormy forecast was a good reason to give it a try between meetings this afternoon.

Satisfied customer, but I do like walking on the riverside pathway.