This video from Mental Floss is about the relatively recent origin of Pad Thai.
Rather than being an ancient traditional dish, it was part of a quite contemporary expression of nationalism by the Thai government in the 20th century.

mmm Pad Thai.

The Gray Havens, Dave and Licia Radford, produce thought provoking music, this time exploring themes relating to the works of C.S. Lewis, particularly Surprised By Joy.
Pale Moonlight is one track that features on a new album called Blue Flower. It features an different sort of verse and chorus structure, which in itself

They told me keep to your course
In chasin’ after desire
I’m not findin’ a source
Like some sun-gold fire
But maybe I’ve been sold a lie
I can’t find a light
Tell me how many go down and never return
To the sunlit lands, heaven please
Have I lost ’em for good

Everlasting Arms by Mac Powell harvests some lyrics and melody from the gospel song Leaning On The Everlasting Arms and adds some verses comprising various lyrical phrases that seem reminiscent of most modern gospel songs.
(morning/evening reference: check; waiting to hear God’s voice with no reference to reading the Bible: check; storm reference: check; nothing can separate reference: check – you get the idea)
Still, Mac Powell vocals. And something that sounds like a cover of a classic gospel song. Yay.

All the years I’ve been living south of the Murray River, I still miss the season of Spring.

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