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Psalm 23 by Shane and Shane

I’ve never really been able to keep up with Shane and Shane because they’re so prolific.
Which is a shame because I think I’d like them.

Here they are singing their rendition of Psalm 23 at a Getty Music Sing! Conference.

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Footy Tipping 2019 – NRL Round 18 / AFL Round 18

Nothing much to report on this week.
Coaching turnovers continue with one each in the AFL and NRL.
I think there may be another in the AFL, but I think the NRL may be done. Then again the NRL teams that turned over coaches last year were not really down and out.
And Brisbane have put themselves in an AFL ladder position where they have to be tipped. Which makes it hard. And I’m not expecting either St Kilda or Gold Coast to get sacked coach motivated victories this week.

NRL (last round 5/8; season tally 78/128)

AFL (last round 6/9; season tally 87/144)
West Coast
Western Bulldogs

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Some Kind Of Kneeler (True Grit)

The 2010 version of True Grit virtually washed the Christian faith of Mattie Ross out of the story, reducing it to something of a background theme to the story.
The 1969 version retained the somewhat belligerent tone of Mattie Ross’ gritty Presbyterianism.
An example of which is demonstrated in another of the generally feisty exchanges between Mattie Ross and LaBoeuf.

LaBoeuf: “I was raised in the Episcopal Church myself.”
Mattie: “I figured you for some kind of kneeler.”

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The Good Christian (True Grit)

The story True Grit originated in a novel and has been adapted in two movies.
The 1969 movie features this exchange between Mattie Ross and horse-trader Colonel Stonehill as Mattie explains her plans to pursue justice for her father’s murder.
It has a good observation about Christian faith, difficulties and presumption.

“Well, perhaps it will all work out to your satisfaction. I shall pray that you return safely, your efforts crowned with success. It may prove to be a hard journey.”
“The good Christian does not flinch from difficulties.”
“Neither does he rashly court them. The good Christian is not willful or presumptuous.”
“You think I am wrong.”
“I think you are wrongheaded.”
“We will see.”
“Yes, I am afraid so.”

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Coffee Vanilla Slice

Trialing the coffee vanilla slice from local shop Sugar and Spice.

Coffee cream and icing balances nicely with vanilla custard and three layers of light flaky pastry. Goes well with a long black coffee on a cold afternoon watching movies.

I think I may have another one of these someday.

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Thick Skins – Soft Hearts (via David Prince at For The Church)

Working together in partnership to develop and further the ministry and mission of a local church is best served by an open-ness and humility in conversation that allows conviction.
David Prince writes about life

We must not settle for any idea offered in a staff meeting planning time simply because it might hurt someone’s feelings to push back against it, including ideas offered by the one who leads the meeting. Good is often the enemy of the strategic in planning and in church staff meeting superficial niceness is often the enemy of the strategic. This fact is odd, since, in the church, we are uniquely having family conversations about the most important mission in the world.
Those who sit at the staff meeting and planning table need to possess thick skin and a soft gospel heart. An effective meeting leader regularly reminds those attending of the purpose of the meeting, what is to be accomplished, and what is at stake. If the staff team possesses this thick skin / soft gospel heart makeup, they will proceed with understanding that gospel advance and faithfulness is more important than their temporal feelings. If any group of people in the cosmos should understand that we must not settle for pleasing people in our labor it should be a church staff team.