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Two Drummers Have A Staring Contest

Dan, the drummer from the band OK Go gets in a serious staring contest with possibly the greatest drummer from the last 40 years.
You will learn serious strategy for staring contests.
I won’t spoil the ending.

HT: Stuff Christians Like.

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Dr. Harry Reeder Elected Moderator of 38th PCA General Assembly

Harry Reeder will be known to some Presbyterians and others in Australia through his association with the ‘Embers To A Flame’ book and conferences.
A couple of paragraphs from a post on The Aquila Report:

On Tuesday, June 29, 2010, Rev. Harry L. Reeder was elected moderator of the 38th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America.
The General Assembly is holding its annual meeting in Nashville, Tenn., from June 29 to July 2. There are about 1400 commissioners (delegates) in attendance. Reeder was elected unanimously since he was the only one nominated for this position.
Dr. Reeder is the senior pastor of Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Ala., the location of the first PCA General Assembly in 1973. He previously served other churches as senior pastor, including Pinelands Presbyterian Church in Miami, Fla., and Christ Covenant Presbyterian in Charlotte, N.C.,
Reeder is founder of the “Embers to a Flame” ministry which conducts multiple seminars annually to assist the revitalization of declining churches across the nation and around the world. This ministry provides follow up coaching for several of these churches through the “Fanning the Flame” initiative.

Via Dr. Harry Reeder Elected Moderator of 38th PCA General Assembly at The Aquila Report.

An article posted on ‘By Faith’, the online magazine of the Presbyterian Church in America, offerse the following quote from Reeder:

When asked how he feels about being elected moderator, Reeder said, “It’s a very humbling concept. In 27 years of going to General Assembly, I’ve been every year but I’ve never spoken from the floor. There are a lot of people smarter than I am. I’ve been hesitant to serve, but I felt like if the church leadership and the body wanted me to serve, I’m willing.”

Via Reeder Elected Moderator from ‘By Faith’ the online magazine of the Presbyterian Church in America.

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Bibliopedia – Bibliographies For Theological Students

Jared Hood, lecturer and librarian at the Presbyterian Theological College in Melbourne, left a comment here yesterday.
He commended his new blog/wiki Bibliopedia.
What’s Bibliopedia?
Here’s Jared’s introduction from his own blog:

Bibliopedia is the most exciting development to come to the web, like, ever. It has bibliographies for various theological subjects, especially for use by students at PTC. B no longer stands for boring – it stands for Bibliopedia. So B all you can B, and look at Bibliopedia. Only PTC gives you the power to B. B yourself at PTC.

(That’s pretty effusive for Jared, you can tell he’s excited.)
Some more detail from the Bibliopedia frontpage.

This is a wiki, which means it is just like Wikipedia. If you are a theological student who has received a reasonably high grade for an assignment, why not upload the bibliography here, or extend an existing bibliography?

Over time more and more bibliographical details can be added. This will give you more time to actually read and study instead of trawling catalogues.
So if you’re studying a particular subject Bibliopedia will help you find useful references faster. If you live in Mount Gambier and can’t get to the PTC library you’ll just have to drop by my place for your books and coffee.

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The ESV Bible Blog (English Standard Version of the Bible) has announced
It promises “Simple, short links to your favorite scripture passages in the ESV Bible”.

Here’s the blurb from the blog:

We have developed a URL shortening service for the ESV Bible:

URL shorteners simply convert long addresses into shorter ones (helpful for Twitter, for example, where character count is important). Bookmark to quickly generate shortened URLs for the ESV Online.

The great thing about, however, is that by remembering a few simple, logical rules (detailed on the site) you can create the link yourself without having to use the generator.

For example: If you wanted to read Matthew 5 online you could visit and search for Matthew 5 or you could you could use the service’s easy-to-remember format and simply type “″ into your web browser to navigate directly there. Likewise, to shorten a link in a tweet you could either visit and type “Matthew 5″ into the generator or simply use “″.

We hope you find helpful!

At the page there is an address generator along with an explanation of the rules for creating addresses yourself. For example typing into your browser’s navigation bar will take you to that passage in the online ESV. You can use this if you want to insert a Bible reference into an online message or post a reference on Facebook or Twitter.

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Dreams And Nightmares

The stuff that dreams are made of:

The stuff that nightmares are made of:

Resolved: my new bag of Costa Rica La Lapa coffee beans will last longer than my previous one.

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Bettina Arndt On A Prime Minister Who Shacks Up

Bettina Arndt was part of the vanguard of sexual permissiveness during the 1970s.
Her thoughts on the sexual revolution have matured in a most interesting direction.
Here she writes for the Sydney Morning Herald: Shacking up is hard to do: why Gillard may be leery of the Lodge
Arndt’s reasons for her reservations about cohabitation and defacto relationships are not moral but rather sociological.
But while the media are poking around about the Prime Minister’s spiritual and marital state the only comment so far seems to be coming from the media itself.

The article is followed by a predictable firestorm of comment, much of it who must be completely unaware of the irony involved in some of the invective they’re hurling at Arndt.

HT: Isaac.

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Hymn Of The Month via The Sola Panel

Sandy Grant has an article on how his church are introducing hymns to their congregations.

The Sola Panel | Hymn of the month.

I’ve made a couple of comments on the post, so if you’re interested you can see the thoughts of myself, Sandy and others there.