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Footy Tipping 2017 – NRL / AFL Preliminary Finals

Well, North Queensland and Geelong surprised last weekend, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they won this weekend. Geelong are unlucky to play Adelaide though, but I think of the three NRL teams remaining North Queensland would like their chances against Easts.
It’s still Melbourne’s and Adelaide’s to lose. Because I just don’t believe in Richmond.

NRL (last round 1/2; season tally 131/198)

AFL (last round 1/2; season tally 127/204)

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How To Kill A Church (via Mark Dever)

Mark Dever on the destructive influence of not having the Gospel preeminent and clear in the preaching.

…Martin Luther, when once asked why he was preaching on justification by faith alone for the twentieth time, he said it was because people didn’t remember it after the nineteenth.
Keep preaching the gospel. We need to persevere in the truth and be sure we persevere in the truth and not let our preaching be subtly transformed into a different gospel. This can be subtle. We might not overtly deny the gospel, but we might so ignore it. We might assume, “Well everybody here has heard the gospel. They’ve understood it. Even the ones who aren’t Christians have heard it a thousand times. I’m going to go on and preach on more interesting things.”
Oh, brother, if that’s your spirit before you preach, when you plan a sermon series, or when you’re working on a sermon, check your heart and check your Bible. Confess honestly to your fellow elders you’re facing that, and call it what it is. It is a temptation. And it is a temptation which will do no good to the congregation the Lord’s called you to shepherd.


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What Do You Need To Do To Go Backwards In The Christian Life? Nothing. (via Sinclair Ferguson

Words from Sinclair Ferguson posted on the blog Tolle Lege.

“Hebrews is all about persevering in sanctification. Without holiness, writes the author, ‘no one will see the Lord.’ We must therefore ‘strive’ for it (Hebrews 12:14).
He uses vigorous language. His verb (διώκω, strive) appears regularly in the New Testament with the sense of ‘persecute.’
Such strong language was needed here because these Christians were facing hardship and opposition. They therefore needed to pay careful attention to the gospel, to digest what they had heard, so that they would not drift away.
What do you need to do to slow down and go backwards in the Christian life? Hebrews’ answer is: ‘Nothing.” Drifting is the easiest thing in the world.
It is swimming against the tide that requires effort. And the Christian life is against the tide all the way. Spiritual weariness, being ‘sluggish,’ is one of our great enemies. The author is all-too-familiar with its tell-tale signs.
Christians then, as now, were confronted by many pressures. Some of them had suffered deeply for their testimony to Jesus Christ. We might think that anyone who has withstood trials would be in no danger of failing to persevere.
But the battle to be holy is fierce, the opposition is strong, and the obstacles are many. Even those who have won great victories in the past can become weary. Spiritual lethargy can set in, and we begin to drift.
We constantly need to be encouraged to keep going (Hebrews 3:12-13).”

–Sinclair Ferguson, Devoted To God: Blueprints For Sanctification (Carlisle, PA: Banner of Truth Trust, 2016), 191.

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A Jason Isbell NPR Tiny Desk Mini Concert

Nearly twenty minutes, featuring three songs from Nashville, his recent album with band The 400 Unit, along with a bit of fun.

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Showboat by Josh Ritter

There’s a new album coming from Josh Ritter.
Showboat is the first single.