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Tacosaurus Rex

I’m not sure if national taco day is a local observance, or one that is conducted in different nations.

Anyway, in honour, here is Tacosaurus Rex.

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Probably Not If You Paid Me $6.99 To Take Them

Saw these chokoes in a fruit and vege shop while I was away. Not tempted. At all.

When I was a kid they grew on backyard vines, were pealed, seeded, steamed/boiled and best eaten smothered with melted butter and pepper.

There was a time overseas when I had them shredded and stir fried in a garlic oil type dish. That was okay. But generally they are a very ordinary vegetable.

Better for backyard games of cricket.

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How To Make Kronk’s Spinach Puffs From ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’ – Binging With Babish

Binging With Babish recreates various dishes from Movies and TV.
One of my daughters loves, loves, loves The Emperor’s New Groove, so this recipe for Kronk’s Spinach Puffs may be of interest.

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The Art Of Nut Milking (via Know Ideas Media)

This short mockumentary seeks to promote discussion about the proper nomenclature for non-dairy products.
They ask people to contribute their opinions about the matter in the comments on youtube, but nothing could make read them.
I found the video itself very amusing.

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Mmm…. Donuts

If you’re ever at Chadstone Shopping Center, check out Dashing Donuts.

The lemon meringue donut deserves close attention.

But there are plenty of other distractions.

They’re a one off, not a chain (presently). Which is just as well, really.

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Shared Lunch

You know I’ve been a bit restrained for the last twelve months.

If I break out, it’s for something worthwhile.

And with someone special. (Rachel, not Margaret, if you’re wondering, though)

Big Boy BBQ, Melbourne. Recommended.

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My Exciting Life

These steel cut oats are part of my breakfast every day. Every day.

They inexplicably disappeared a month ago – space filled, product tag gone – but now they have returned.

This makes me feel good. This is my exciting life.