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A Whyalla Institution

The genius that is the Bottle And Bird.

I can’t recall seeing a combination bottleshop and takeaway drive through anywhere else, but this Whyalla institution thrives, even on Show weekend.

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Coffee Vanilla Slice

Trialing the coffee vanilla slice from local shop Sugar and Spice.

Coffee cream and icing balances nicely with vanilla custard and three layers of light flaky pastry. Goes well with a long black coffee on a cold afternoon watching movies.

I think I may have another one of these someday.

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Friday Night Done Right

I have this ongoing weight-control program.
This is part-break and part-reward from some recent fine tuning I’ve been doing on that program.
I’m not eating alone, but I’m also not saying who else is here.
But (one of) my daughters is getting very proficient with her grazing platter skills.

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Out With My Three Superheroes

Why wouldn’t I spend International Women’s Day out with my daughters having dinner and watching Captain Marvel?

What could be more appropriate?

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Tiny Pancake

Scaled-down pancake.

Other than that my whole eating life seems like I’m always fasting.

Of course, I grew up eating pikelets. Pancakes were some exotic novelty.

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Serious About Pizza – Adam Hills

My family are serious about pizza.
I could happily eat pizza every day of my life.
This story by Adam Hills was featured on our local ABC radio station a couple of Saturday mornings ago.
The clip features on the website of the pizza store in question, so I think its legit.