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Shared Lunch

You know I’ve been a bit restrained for the last twelve months.

If I break out, it’s for something worthwhile.

And with someone special. (Rachel, not Margaret, if you’re wondering, though)

Big Boy BBQ, Melbourne. Recommended.

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My Exciting Life

These steel cut oats are part of my breakfast every day. Every day.

They inexplicably disappeared a month ago – space filled, product tag gone – but now they have returned.

This makes me feel good. This is my exciting life.

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Mexican Bowl at Dan and Steph’s, Hervey Bay

My lunch at Hervey Bay eatery Dan and Steph’s today was an excellent Mexican Bowl.

The menu description:

12hr slow cooked pulled pork, Mexican beans, lettuce, tomato, red capsicum, charred corn, fresh avo, coriander, crispy tortilla, fresh lime, sour cream.

The egg was a bonus from my sister’s superfood bowl.

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Happy National Burrito Day 2018

To celebrate national burrito day we’re having burritos today and tomorrow night as well.

Mexican black rice, beans, refried beans, tomato, greens, corn, cheese, avocado, a little chili, jalapeño, and a squeeze of lime.

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The History Of Nutella

Five minutes of video explaining the not-so-secret origin of Nutella.
It may be ironic that chocolate is generally cheaper to buy than Nutella, given the reasons for the spread’s creation.