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An Experiment In Bircher Muesli

After breakfast in a Sydney cafe last Friday I decided to experiment with Bircher Muesli, not a huge departure from my daily porridge.

This version is vegan; featuring four grain porridge, chia, apple juice, almond milk, shredded coconut and coconut yoghurt. Mixed through that is a seed, sultana and nut mix. Topped with fruit.

Not bad.

I want to try steel cut oats, so I may add them to the next batch.

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Variations of Kombucha based drinks seem all over the place in Sydney.

I tried one. It was interesting. From the taste you can tell it must be doing you good.

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Vegan Cherry Ripe Slice And A Long Black

If the Cherry Ripe slice is vegan it has to be healthy, doesn’t it?

And a long black is really just bean soup.

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My hosts provided everything I needed to make my morning porridge today.

I was very, very pleased with the results.


(And my hostess seems much happier now that I’m eating breakfast these days)

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KFC Only Follows Eleven Specifically Chosen People

It’s been showing up around the place on the internet that the main twitter account for KFC (we used to call it Kentucky Fried Chicken in our less health conscious youth) only follows eleven people. The five members of the pop group Spice Girls and six people whose first name is Herb.
Eleven Herbs and Spices.
Get it?
Classic. That’s how you market on the internet.
Go see for yourself.
(KFC Australia follows 300+ complete randoms)