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After All These Years

The progress we make is seldom the progress we thought we’d be making.
Happy New Year, everyone.

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A Long Way – Josh Garrels

Josh Garrels’ Home was one of my favourite releases from 2015, both lyrically and vocally.
Here’s A Long Way Home.

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The Story Of The Gospel Is The Restoration Of True Prayer (via William Philip)

From Why We Pray:

…the story of the gospel is the restoration of true prayer; it is the story of the restoration of real relationship between man and God. Down through the ages God has called out to man, and his last and ultimate word and call to human beings has been in the person of his only Son. Jesus Christ is God’s ultimate word to man. So the very essence of real prayer is simply answering God in the call that comes to us in Jesus Christ. Prayer is responding to Jesus. We can pray because God is speaking God, because we have been created to respond to him, and because through Jesus Christ we have been redeemed that we might again respond to him.
William Philip, Why We Pray, Crossway, 2015, pg 42.

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Tick-Tock Day 2015

Apparently December 29 is Tick-Tock Day.
The idea of Tick-Tock Day is that with two days remaining, if you have any resolutions yet unfulfilled for 2015 then you better get cracking on them.
I’ve got a couple of things to get done tomorrow.

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The Inferiority Of English Christmas Carols

This video features Martin Luther’s evaluation of English Christmas Carols.
Thankfully it never gets to ‘Little Drummer Boy’ or ‘Do You Hear What I Hear’.
Sadly I can’t tag this one as ‘satire’.

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Best Albums Of The Year Lists

I haunt best albums of the year lists at the end of each year, look for common entries and pick one or two I haven’t heard of that I think I might find interesting.
Here’s one list to get you started.