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Come Hear About Freedom, Not Morality

Sinclair Ferguson on the Gospel:

I have met some exceptionally intelligent people who cannot understand the Christian gospel. They hear its message as if it were a lecture on morality. Yet the gospel is not difficult to understand. The problem lies within us—in our spiritual blindness. If there is resistance in the heart to loving God, there will be resistance in the mind to knowing God—and therefore to listening to and seeking God. Only the truth can set us free.
Read the rest here.

Tomorrow, no matter what is proclaimed from pulpits, some will hear it as only moral teaching.
I hope that what is delivered is not moral teaching, but is the freedom of the Gospel.
And I hope you can hear the difference.

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His Witnesses (preparing for MGPC 1/2/2015)

Songs of preparation: Yours Is The Kingdom, The Mighty Power Of His Works (Psalm 111), Salvation Belongs To Our God.
Prayer of adoration and confession: praising God for the experiential revelation of Himself to His people in the works of redemption and provision; asking that we His people would ever adorn our lives in a profession and practice that speaks the Gospel of the Kingdom to the world.
Song of assurance, confession of faith, doxology: Sweet Hour Of Prayer; the Apostles’ Creed; Now To The King Of Heaven.
Consecutive reading: Revelation 14:1-20 – The completion of the third cycle of visions.
Bible memorisation: Psalm 16:8-9.
Praise: Who’s The King Of The Jungle.
Reading and sermon: Acts 1:1-8 – His Witnesses. Jesus spends forty days physically present with the disciples convincing them of the resurrection; instructing them further about the Kingdom; and giving them a command that demonstrates that experience and knowledge alone are not enough to fulfill the mission that He entrusts to the church.
Pastoral prayer, tithes and offerings.
Departing praise: Love Divine, All Loves Excelling.

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Brady Bunch Snickers Superbowl Ad

Anyone who grew up in the 70s will remember that this scene didn’t play out exactly like this in the famous Brady Bunch episode.

This video shows all the technical work that went into making the ad.

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Swallowed Up Death – Album by Coram Deo Church

a3345193099_2Can’t remember how I came across this one.
It’s got an alternative-country, folk-pop cross sort of vibe.
Good listening.

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Songs From The Crowded House – EP From The House Band Featuring Michael Bleeker

a1219128869_10Some of you will have read and appreciated material from Tim Chester.
Crowded House is the church where Chester is a pastor, and Songs From The Crowded House is their first musical release.
Maybe you’d like to have a listen.
(Given that the download is for sale in British Pounds at bandcamp, the Australian iTunes version is probably good value.)

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How A One Letter Typographical Error Sent A Healthy Company Out Of Business

This sad story offers a few applications as an illustration.
If you search around the internet you’ll find numerous articles about it.
Here’s one from local News Limited.

Welsh engineers Taylor & Sons, which was established in 1875, got a shock in February 2009 when Companies House, the UK government’s registrar of companies, recorded the company as having gone bust.
It hadn’t.
But Taylor & Son had. Note the difference — one had an ‘s’ and the other didn’t. The Telegraph in the UK, reported that while the mistake was caught and corrected three days later, it had done irreparable damage to Taylor & Sons, the business that was still kicking at the time.

Read more here.

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Out With The Old, In With The New

My family think I have attachment issues.
But it was time for a new pair of shoes.