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Wonder If Malcolm Turnbull Was In Station Square Carpark Today

Saw this and I wondered if our erstwhile Prime Minister had found his way to Maryborough in Queensland.

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The Art Of Nut Milking (via Know Ideas Media)

This short mockumentary seeks to promote discussion about the proper nomenclature for non-dairy products.
They ask people to contribute their opinions about the matter in the comments on youtube, but nothing could make read them.
I found the video itself very amusing.

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Shopping Bag Madness

In South Australia we’ve had to bring our own shopping bags to the supermarket for ten years.
We complained about it, now we don’t even think about it.
If you forget to bring a bag you buy another one.
We’ve got a boot full.

It felt slightly subversive going to the east coast and getting free bags when shopping there.
Now the rest of Australia are going BYO bags.

People are losing their minds.
One supermarket chain opened all their checkouts to cope with delays.
Another was giving away free their purchasable bags for free.

How long will it take people to adjust?
Personal experience says pretty quickly.

What is it that people think they’ve lost that accounts for the upset and aggression?
The bags are just extra packaging to bring over-packaged items home in.

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I Am Sirius, … And Don’t Call Me Shirley. Or Ferry McFerryface.

I thought Ferry McFerryface was a good name for a ferry.

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Akos Balogh’s Unexpected Lesson From A Flooded House In Lismore

Akos Balogh writes a blog where he sees the world through a Christian lens.
He lives in Lismore.
In this piece he writes about a reflection provoked by his experience of trying to keep floodwaters out of his house.
From the post, the lesson and the life application:

Our house is built on the side of a hill, and as I look up the hill from beneath the floorboards, I see water – lots of water – cascading down. And then it hits me: If I want to stop the flooding of our downstairs room, I need to tackle the water problem further ‘upstream’
If you want better gospel conversations with your neighbour, ‘go upstream’ with them.

Read the whole post at Akos Balogh..

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Cyclone Debbie From Space

This striking image of Cyclone Debbie about to make landfall was featured in a Mental Floss post about the storm.
The Image Credit is: SSEC/Google Earth

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Is Not A Rat, Is An Escapee Quokka

There’s so much to love about this story at The Guardian about a Quokka, a relatively endangered animal from an island of the coast of West Australia.
The little guy stowed away on a garbage scow and was spotted at a refuse station on the mainland.
Poignantly, even if found, it won’t be going home.
The article walks a fine line, allowing the more whimsical aspects of the narrative to speak for themselves.

Here’s an excerpt.

Penni Fletcher-Hughes, from Rottnest Island Authority, said it appeared the quokka had climbed into a garbage bin in search of food and was accidentally transferred on to the garbage barge, which took it to Cannington.
“Being as it has got itself in a very good place for food, the chances are it will be fine,” Fletcher-Hughes said. “It just depends where it goes from there.”
Quokka escape was “very unusual,” Fletcher-Hughes said, but finding quokkas in bins is not.
“I have seen them climb the walls; they are quite resourceful when it comes to searching for food,” she said. “We are not concerned in terms of him finding food … it’s other threats and just general stress. It’s a bit stressful to suddenly wake up in a recycling centre.”
The Department of Parks and Wildlife, which is leading efforts to find the rogue marsupial, set up a public hotline to report sightings. “Basically, this quokka is now at large,” wildlife officer Matt Swan said.

Read the rest here.