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Farther Along by Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou Harris

Farther Along.
This is a track from Parton, Ronstadt & Harris’ album Trio.
Last year there was a re-release featuring the album, its sequel and a third disk of unreleased tracks and alternate takes.
I’ll get it one day.


The World’s Strongest Coffee

Black Insomnia claims to be the world’s strongest coffee.
“One 12-fluid-ounce (355-milliliter) cup contains nearly double the recommended daily allowance of caffeine.”
For some reason it doesn’t seem to come in instant.
If we were going to use it at MGPC, I’d be aiming for people to drink it before the service.

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Footy Tipping 2017 – NRL Round 5 / AFL Round 2

We’re up and running in earnest.
NRL went relatively well. New Zealand seem to have proved they won’t win an away game this year. Canterbury seem jealous of the fact that Wests managed to get their coach sacked after only three games.
AFL had a few unexpected results. Both the South Australian teams surprised. Gold Coast demonstrated they’ve wasted every advantage given them in their establishment. Hawthorn may be a precursor to a wider display that they, Sydney and Geelong can’t defy history and remain top eight (or four) competitive indefinitely.

NRL (last round 6/8; season tally 20/32)
North Queensland
Canberra (really need to prove they’ve not pretenders)
Gold Coast (New Zealand will probably win, but at least Gold Coast will be trying)
Saint George (see previous tip comment)

AFL (last round 5/9; season tally 5/9)
Sydney (No slight on the ‘dogs intended.)
Greater Western Sydney
West Coast
Port Adelaide

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Should Every Sermon End With Christ? (via The Gospel Coalition Australia)

Should every sermon end with Christ?
Peter Adam, Andrew Reid and Mike Raiter discuss.

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I Never Cared For You by Alison Krauss

Another track from Alison Krauss’ new album given a ‘special recording’ treatment.
It does strike me as a little odd that these are being released only a month or two after the actual album, but, hey, more Alison Krauss. That’s a good thing.

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Cyclone Debbie From Space

This striking image of Cyclone Debbie about to make landfall was featured in a Mental Floss post about the storm.
The Image Credit is: SSEC/Google Earth

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A Fall Doesn’t Automatically Lead To Wisdom (via Zack Eswine)

Zack Eswine writes about the growth that can, but doesn’t always follow a burnout experience.
“Just because we fall, that doesn’t mean we are necessarily wise now. We have to be teachable to the thing that God’s doing.”
The lesson translates to other experiences.

Are You Teachable?
I don’t wish a breakdown or burnout on anybody. I’d rather none of us have to go through that. But it can be a turning point in our life. Sometimes we don’t see things we needed to, or there were warning signs, but we thought, “Well, that’s other people, not me.” If there’s a level of pride in our heart that won’t become teachable to the thing, then the Lord, because he loves and pursues us, will let us fall. And then he’ll pick us up again.
All isn’t lost. That’s not the last chapter or the last moment in our lives. But he’ll let us fall. Now, here’s the thing: Just because we fall, that doesn’t mean we are necessarily wise now. We have to be teachable to the thing that God’s doing. And that’s the issue all along, even before the burnout: we should be teachable to God.
After the burnout we should ask ourselves, Okay, am I going to be teachable now? The Lord loves humility, and he works it in us in this teachable posture of heart. When that reality starts to take hold of us, and he works it in us, even our darkest day, we can say with the psalmist, “is as light to him.”
Moral failure isn’t good. Burnout isn’t good. These things aren’t good. But God is good. He keeps his promise, he keeps his faithfulness, he keeps his word to us, even when we’ve let go of those things. Our great hope isn’t that we had a failure in our life. Our great hope is that God is with us no matter what.
So, by all means, avoid the failure. But if it finds you, let it teach you. Let the Lord show you himself in it, and he’ll see you through to the other side.