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Australian Presbyterian World Mission Christmas Gift Catalogue Now Available

With less than two months to go until Christmas the Australian Presbyterian World Mission have released their Christmas gift catalogue.
If your Presbyterian Church isn’t publicising this tell them about it and ask for it to be made available.

For the full size brochure with all details go to the page at APWM or click on the image to go there.

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On Halloween

This was on Facebook.
There is something ironic about using two US comic book characters to make the point, but the image is a classic.
Secondly a little bit of Fry and Laurie on the subject.

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Ten Thoughts On Creeds And Confessions From Carl Trueman

Nicholas McDonald attended a conference at which Carl Trueman and Thabiti Anyabwile were speakers.
He recorded ten comments from Trueman on Creeds and Confessions.

Here are a few (Trueman in bold, McDonald’s observations after):

1. “It’s striking that Paul regards ‘divisiveness’ as those who depart from sound doctrine.” While we might define “divisiveness” as taking a strict stance on doctrines, Paul’s definition was the opposite. Divisiveness, for Paul, was anything that went loosey-goosey with the given gospel.

4. “If you don’t write your creeds, no one can critique them. Creeds strip us of magisterial authority.” Despite common misconceptions, creeds actually dis-empower pastors from a form of papal authority. Creeds lay out the church’s stances on scripture and a.) Let everyone search the scriptures and evaluate the pastor’s stance and b.) Keep the pastor from imposing personal preferences (Don’t smoke, or chew, or run with those who do, etc.) Saying “No creed but the Bible” makes the pastor king of interpretation.

8. “Human marriage begins in joy and ends in heartbreak. Divine marriage begins with heartbreak and ends in joy.” Beautiful, no comment.

Read the whole ten here.

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Christ-Centered Preaching And Teaching – Free ebook From The Gospel Coalition

ebookDerived by a series of posts published at the Gospel Coalition on the titular theme, Christ-Centered Preaching And Teaching has chapters by Daniel Block, David Murray, Walt Kaiser and Bryan Chapell, with supplemental material provided by Ed Stetzer who has edited the publication.
Well worth a look.
And it’s free.

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Observations Of A Church Visitor (via David Burke)

David Burke has been travelling, and during that time he has attended churches in three continents.
Here he offers some does and don’ts for welcoming guests.
A good reminder.