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We Have An Anchor (mgpc 1/12/2013)

Christians have the great hope that flows from the promise and oath of God regarding his purpose to bless the earth through the seed of Abraham, Jesus.

The breadth and depth of God’s saving purpose are reflected in our songs of preparation There’s A Wideness In God’s Mercy and Sovereign Grace O’er Sin Abounding. Worship commences as we sing the words of Psalm 121, I To The Hills Will Lift My Eyes.
The prayer of adoration and confession focus on God’s great love and care in giving his word about the salvation of his people and the times when our actions and thoughts show our trust in his oath and promise waver.
It’s Your Blood That Cleanses Me, The Apostles’ Creed and Unto God Be Praise And Honour are the expression of faith and assurance.
From God’s Word Lamentations 2:1-22 contains Jeremiah’s second lament, for Zion under the righteous anger of the Lord.
The Splendour Of The King (How Great Is Our God) will be our sung response.
After hearing Hebrews 6:13-20, we’ll consider the source of hope, the anchor for the soul which the patriarch Abraham rested in, and in which all of Abraham’s descendants find their rest, the Lord Jesus.

Before our pastoral prayers we’ll view a video about the possibility of commencing a program of teaching conversational English in the near future. After prayer we’ll give out tithes and offerings then close our worship singing Come, O Long Expected Jesus.

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How Long O Lord? – Four Psalms For Advent by Jacob Tilton

a2933152815_2Jacob Tilton from Fort Worth Presbyterian has released a five track EP featuring four psalms and a selah to coincide with Advent 2013.
Those of you able to download from bandcamp, go ahead.
For your listening pleasure.

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Perhaps The Best Response To Being Asked For Your Daughter’s Hand In Marriage Every

Marion Andrews has a post relating the experiences of herself and her husband Stuart in the days before they entered ministry.

The response of Marion’s father to their proposed marriage is a classic.
(And for anyone who knew Mr White, characteristic)

…“Mr White, Marion and I would like to get married,” or words to that effect, he said.
The words were hardly out of Stuart’s mouth when Dad, totally ignoring the subject in hand, said, “Stuart, have you thought of the ministry?”
I did not know Stuart as well then as I do now. Mum and I were astounded.

Read the rest of Life Work at Women In Ministry.

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Resources and Music for Advent 2013

A helpful introduction to new resources and music timed for Advent 2013 from Bruce Benedict at Cardiphonia blog.



Here are a few resources you should check out for advent and xmas this year.


There are two fantastic advent/xmas songs on the new Gospel Coalition album Songs from the Book of Luke.

The Song of Zechariah (by David LaChance)
mp3 | chart

Lord God, Now Let your Servant Depart in Peace (by Greg Scheer)
mp3 | chart  (The Song of Simeon)

Also check out a new song from Matt Boswell and DA Carson…

Exult in the Savior’s Birth (by Matt Boswell and DA Carson)
 | chart

And this fantastic track from Zac Hicks!

From High Heaven
mp3 | chart

ALBUMS (new and old)

The Gentle Wolves Set I cover art
Set One: Christmas Songs by the Gentle Wolves

For Our Salvation
by Falls Church Anglican (Jamie Brown)

How Long, O Lord? Psalms for Advent cover art
How Long, O Lord? – Psalms for Advent
by Jacob Tilton and Fort Worth PCA
All The Earth Rejoice - Christmas Songs, Vol. 5 cover art
All the Earth Rejoice from Folk Angel
Songs from Jacob's Well Vol. III: Songs For The Advent Conspiracy cover art
Songs from…

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Not All Thanksgiving Celebrations Go According To Plan (WKRP In Cincinnati)

WKRP In Cincinnati is cruelly absent from those channels that show nothing but reruns.
This thanksgiving themed clip was featuring around the internet today and even after decades one of the greatest final acts in a sitcom episode still pays off, building and building towards the final classic line.

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All The Earth Rejoice – Folk Angel’s Fifth Album Of Christmas Songs

a3187963250_10Folk Angel have released albums of Christmas music each year for the last five years.
This year’s release, All The Earth Rejoice contains a similar mix of new, old and retuned Christmas songs in a folk, roots Americana style.
It’s available at iTunes, or my favourite download site, bandcamp.
For your listening pleasure.

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The Best Is Yet To Come

Attended the funeral today of a 49 year old husband, father of two and follower of Jesus.
For twenty-one years he lived with the impact of cancers in his head.
For forty-nine years he lived a life that grew and grew in its demonstration of the love of God who loved Him in Christ.
Among many touching and remarkable aspects of the service, this is his favourite song.
We heard it a couple of times.
From Paul Colman.
The best is yet to come.

Here’s a Spotify embed of the song.