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Holiday driving is done.
Not quite 1000kms today.
Not quite 8000kms since August 10.
There’s no place like home.

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Top Of The Stairs by Scott Mulvahill

Scott Mulvahill’s album Himalayas is soon to be (or already is) released.
Top Of The Stairs is a track that represents the eclectic range that Mulvahill embraces.

“I may never make it and I don’t care
Gotta keep climbing til I run out of air
I may never make it and I don’t care
It’s all about steps not the top of the stairs”

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A Day’s Driving

We made it from Brisbane to Forbes today.

That’s the longest days driving I’ve done for a while.

Now to sleep, and then drive again tomorrow.

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Trailer For Mary Poppins Returns

Please don’t be terrible.
Please don’t be terrible.
Please don’t be terrible.
…it gets bonus points for having Dick van Dyke not having to act to play an old man this time.

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Like Nothing Else (via Jeff Robinson)

Ministry is not the hardest thing anyone can do.
But it has a unique character; and a particular aspect of that character needs a particular awareness in order to go the long-term.
From Jeff Robinson at Crossway blog.

Jesus said it best in John 15:5: Apart from me you can do nothing. As a pastor, you either learn early to write that over the door of your heart or you don’t last long in ministry. It’s really just that simple. One of my favorite passages in my first few years of ministry was Mark 4:26-28 where Jesus tells the parable of the seed. It’s very pithy, there are just a couple of verses. The farmer plants the seed and then he goes to bed. When he gets up, lo and behold, the seed has germinated, grown, and he knows not how. Of course, we know how. We know it’s the grace of God.
God has invested this gospel truth in you, but it’s not about you because you can’t do anything to save people or sanctify people.
You realize pretty early that the call to pastoral ministry is not like anything else you’re going to do in life. You’re likely not going to have product at the end of the day. You’re not going to have widgets that you’ve made. You’re not going to have a byline at the top of the page or anything like that.


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My Management Plan

I’m attending meetings this week.
It’s sort of soft return to work.
This cartoon is sort of my management plan, explaining why nothing seems to go wrong for me.
(btw, this web cartoon is close to my life an uncomfortably lot of the time)

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How Stress Affects Your Body

A brief primer on the effects stress has on your body.
Something to look forward to next week.
Next week.