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Lay Me Down – Loretta Lynn & Willie Nelson

A sublime duet by two masters, Lay Me Down demonstrates the amazing vocal talent and skill of Loretta Lynn and Willie Nelson (both in their 80s!).
Their styles are very different, but their mastery of their voices makes the duet work.
Some may think the subject matter of the song is somber, but if you listen you can hear joy and expectation.

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What’s Up Doc? A Brief History Of Bugs Bunny

Six minutes on the unique character appeal of Bugs Bunny, along with an appreciation of the craft of his creators in creating an animation style that is a part of his personality.

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Always Point People To The Website (via Greg Atkinson)

A very helpful post on making the church website central to information provision and then continually encouraging people to make use of it.
Having a website that works on mobile devices is a must.
We’re moving toward getting our mobile web presence to function well.
Getting an email mailing list going is another priority.

Read Greg Atkinson’s post here.

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Minor Fire And Broken Windows At MGPC

Early Monday evening there was an incident at Mount Gambier Presbyterian in which our waste bins were set alight and three windows were broken (with damage to flooring inside caused by the objects thrown through the windows.)
We’re appreciative of the member of the public who promptly reported the fire and for the thorough attendance of the Fire Brigade and Police.
It seems to be an isolated and random occurrence.
We don’t know anything about the personal circumstances of the person who did the damage, apart from what is mentioned below, but our first response is one of sorrow for his situation and hope that he didn’t injure himself.
Events such as these bring to mind the ongoing need for our amazing local mental health workers to have more adequate resources provided to support them; hopefully our State Government will act on that need and move toward raising our local services toward those that other places enjoy.

Here’s SAPOL’s report and a few photos.
A 23-year-old man of no fixed address has been arrested after a fire at the Presbyterian Church on Allison St, Mount Gambier. At around 7.30pm police and fire crews were called to the church after reports of a fire, and arrived to find a number of windows had been smashed and bins set on fire. 
The man was located at the church and was arrested and was taken to the Mount Gambier Hospital for a mental health assessment.

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Paper Airplane

Roaming online today I saw that Alison Krauss and Union Station’s album Paper Airplane had its fifth anniversary earlier this year.
The album is so good on every level.

Here’s the title track.

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Why Wasn’t Thor In Captain America: Civil War?

Marvel Studios have updated us on Thor’s activities during the time period covered in Captain America: Civil War, (the Blu-ray of which would make a choice Father’s Day present).

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Good Shepherd Of My Soul – Sunday Songs

A song based on the themes of Psalm 23, composed Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, Fionan de Barra and Stuart Townsend.

Here’s another version.

The lyrics:
Good Shepherd of my soul
Come dwell within me.
Take all I am and mould
Your likeness in me.
Before the cross of Christ
This is my sacrifice:
A life laid down
And ready to follow.
The troubled find their peace
In true surrender.
The prisoners their release
From chains of anger.
In springs of living grace
I find a resting place
To rise refreshed,
Determined to follow.
I’ll walk this narrow road
With Christ before me
Where thorns and thistles grow
And cords ensnare me.
Though doubted and denied
He never leaves my side
But lifts my head
And calls me to follow.
And when my days are gone
My strength is failing
He’ll carry me along
Through death’s unveiling
Earth’s struggles overcome
Heav’n’s journey just begun
To search Christ’s depths
And ever to follow.

Words & Music: Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, Fionan de Barra and Stuart Townsend.
(C) 2013 Townend Songs De Barra, Fionan Getty Music Publishing