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Saw this in Costco today.
Did not purchase.
I was looking for something that I could have more than one tiny glass of at a time.

But it is endorsed by King David, so I think it’s legit.

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Sunday Lunch In A Happy Place

Enzo’s at Hervey Bay.

The food is fine, too. Sorry I can’t show you a pic of that. I feel too guilty. (cough* grazing platter*cough)

Highly recommended.

Feel the serenity.

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Frog Cakes

Apparently Frog Cakes are a genuine South Australian icon.
They’re a commercial product, they don’t turn up as home-baked party food.
I’d been waiting about sixteen years to see them marked down far enough in the supermarket to personally explore what the fuss is about.
It’s still a bit of a mystery.
They are very sweet.
And also expensive, from my point of view.
Produced by South Australian baker Balfours they are described as “small cakes made from two layers of sponge with a jam filling, topped by a dome of mock cream and covered in fondant icing. Two fondant “eyes” are piped on top and the dome is slashed through to form a “mouth”.”
Read more here.

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Elsa Cake

Auntie Rachel’s birthday cake for Felicity improves on Disney’s design with the addition of a specially requested unicorn.

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A Whyalla Institution

The genius that is the Bottle And Bird.

I can’t recall seeing a combination bottleshop and takeaway drive through anywhere else, but this Whyalla institution thrives, even on Show weekend.

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Coffee Vanilla Slice

Trialing the coffee vanilla slice from local shop Sugar and Spice.

Coffee cream and icing balances nicely with vanilla custard and three layers of light flaky pastry. Goes well with a long black coffee on a cold afternoon watching movies.

I think I may have another one of these someday.