Having tried BBQ from Mount Gambier’s South-Eastern Hotel we bought a selection to take home. Just the thing for people who don’t prefer crowded dining rooms. The salads we made ourselves. With crumbed vault and Mac and Cheese balls the meat to non-meat ratio was not too outrageous.

It is challenging for contemporary westerners, (many of whom seldom eat at any table any more) to appreciate the inherent structure and barriers of biblical meal practices. A challenge that transcends time and culture more readily, but quite uncomfortably is Jesus’ practice of eating with friend, foe, and outcast alike. . From Contagious Holiness: Christians, …

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I’ve probably featured this prawn, pea, and lemon risotto before (accompanied by gluten free garlic pizza slices). It’s very delicious. Basic rule of quantity of prawns for prawn risotto – use ’em like you stole ’em.