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Indelible Grace VI Album – Kickstarter Project

Kevin Twit and Indelible Grace are seeking support through Kickstarter to fund the recording of Indelible Grace VI.
From the Kickstarter project Page:

Indelible Grace is making a new CD this summer!  We are going into the studio this summer to make “Indelible Grace VI”, a new collection of old hymn texts set to new music.  This will be our first studio project since 2009 and we can’t wait to share these new hymns with the church.  We are using kickstarter to help cover some of the costs for the new project (which will have a total budget of over $20,000.)  All of our backers will receive exclusive video updates from the studio and sneak peeks as we work on the project.  AND, as a special incentive for our supporters, once our project reaches the “fully-funded” level ($12,000) we will make our live album (“The Hymn Sing: Live In Nashville”) available for free download for one week.  We are so excited about the music for this new project!  So please take a look at the rewards, spread the word, and become a backer.

I own all the recorded output of Indelible Grace Music.
Go and check the project out.

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Visitors And Guests

What’s the difference between a visitor and a guest?
In Platform, Michael Hyatt contends that:

The term visitor implies someone who doesn’t quite belong and whom everyone hopes will leave quickly.
The term guest implies someone who is to be honored and shown hospitality.

Churches will routinely welcome their visitors most Sundays.
But it strikes me that we should take the time to acknowledge them as guests.
We acknowledge that words have meanings, so the words we choose to use should convey what we should mean, and what we do mean.
This change in terms helps us to remember what a privilege their presence is, and it gives our guests an insight into both our thankfulness that we have the opportunity to welcome them, and also the intentionality with which we desire to welcome and serve them.

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Just Passing Through

Left Adelaide at 6.30 this morning and now we’re on our second plane for the day departing for Hervey Bay, Qld.
Family business.

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Last Weekend’s Football Results / AFL Round 9 – NRL Round 12

AFL, 6/9: The Hawthorn coach said that Richmond were due for a good win, and he hoped it wouldn’t be against him. Fat lot he knew. Saints winning wasn’t a shock. Adelaide giving up in the fourth quarter probably was.
NRL, 5/7: Good weekend for Tigers all round. Thanks for nothing Manly.

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Neil Gaiman’s Commencement Speech On Creative Careers

Neil Gaiman, author of comics, novels, screenplays, and an episode of Doctor Who gives a twenty minute speech to graduating students.
It’s engaging, funny and wise.
I won’t spoil anything more about the content, just have a listen.