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Superman Dunking A Pirate (via Kerry Callen)

A gif featuring Superman dunking a pirate.
That is all.

Kerry Callen’s website

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Bethlehemian Rhapsody 2018

With the movie about Freddy Mercury and Queen having brought new generations of listeners, here’s the Christmas themed ‘Bethlehemian Rhapsody’ which I’m sure some of you haven’t heard before.
Unlike a lot of Christian appropriations of popular music (I’m looking at you, Hallelujah) this one isn’t lame or inept.
This puppet themed ‘cover’ video even slips in a nod (so to speak) to Wayne’s World.

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The World’s Largest Air-Horn

There’s a significant amount of science-stuff in this video which features someone named Mark Rober constructing a giant air-horn.
Yep, it’s loud, but you’ll also know why it is as loud as it is.

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Converting Presbyterian Ministers To Advent

I keep track of Advent without specifically following it.
I think it’s helpful to acknowledge what the majority of Christians have been doing throughout the centuries and do throughout the world today, while affirming our non-conformist ways.
One of my colleagues was throwing a bit of shade about the situation the other night, and wanted to know what Advent was.
I told him it was when we could use one of these.

Imagine it, “Where’s the pastor?” “Just having his daily Advent observance?” “It’s only 9.30 in the morning.”
…I feel like an Advent, I feel like an Advent, I feel like an Advent or two.
…You can get it preparing a sermon, you can get it organising a roster, after a hard day’s pastoring a hard-earned thirst deserves an Advent observance. Advent, matter of fact I’ve got it now.

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Never Gets Old – Halloween 2018

It may be Halloween, but this is Australia.
We might humour some close friends, but this still sums it up.

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Tacosaurus Rex

I’m not sure if national taco day is a local observance, or one that is conducted in different nations.

Anyway, in honour, here is Tacosaurus Rex.

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Bill Murray Is Aquaman

Who lives under the sea?
Bill Murray, that’s who.
Mashup trailer of impending DC move Aquaman and The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou.
I’d go and watch this.
Finally, an entertaining DC movie.