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Is There Any Other Country In The World?

That has a vending machine selling what I grew up calling thongs, known to others as flip-flops?
I guess there’d have to be, but here it just feels so right.

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One Of My Favourite Things

An afternoon spent wandering the streets of a city.
Preferably one with narrower vistas and irregular angles of intersection.
More bustle.
More implied promise of unseen areas to explore.

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Presbyterian Inland Mission 2013 Supporters Meeting

Last night an appreciative room full of people were privileged to hear about the Presbyterian Church of Australia’s progress in covering inland and remote Australia with a mantle of Gospel friendship and proclamation.
Here’s a few photos.


Superintendent Stuart Bonnington using his well-worm map to inform us of current deployments and future plans for patrols and churches.


Margaret and Roger Crane of Queensland spoke on behalf of the patrol workers, providing a few stories and photos which contrasted the beauty and character of the outback with the great and continuing human need which they encounter in those regions.


Rob Duncanson (pastor of Darwin PC and convener, PIM, left), told us about the planting of a third congregation in the Darwin region, and encouraged us with the testimony of the growing commitment to corporate prayer. Rob also outlined some of the occasions which marked the centenary of the PIM during 2012, including meetings in Scots Church, Melbourne and the Smith of Dunesk Mission Church building at Beltana, SA.
Robert Benn (living legend, right) introduced a DVD production of a photo illustrated narrative biography of John Flynn which he composed and presented a number of times to appreciative audiences during the PIM centenary in 2012. The DVD is currently available for purchase.


Keith Bell spoke of he and his wife Jenny’s excitement in moving to Alice Springs to plant a new mission church in that town.

I have brief grab of video of Keith which I’ll load up sometime when I have a decent connection.

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Presbyterian Inland Mission 2013 Information Night

Attending a night of fellowship and encouragement hearing about the work of the Presbyterian Inland Mission.
Hopefully there’ll be a report later.

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GAA Relations With Other Churches Committee

So this Committee deals with the Australian Presbyterian Church’s relationships with other denominations.
As groups of local churches deal with other groups of local Christians in Australia and overseas it’s helpful for us to have a collective discernment about the nature of our relationships.

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Where Eyes Don’t Go – Free Music From The Gray Havens

gray havensThe Gray Havens are described as a narrative folk-pop husband-and-wife duo, comprised of Dave and Licia Radford.
David was a contestant on American Idol at some stage.
They are presently giving their debut EP, Where Eyes Don’t Go for free (well you need to provide your email address).
The arrangements serve to bring the vocals to the fore.
Have a listen and see what you think.

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My Son, The 2013 School Captain

Do I sound like a father indulging himself in parental pride?
I certainly hope so.
Congratulations, Peter.