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Pancakes, Maple Bacon, Maple Syrup

Pancake Tuesday Dinner.
Alton Brown’s pancake recipe, maple bacon, and maple syrup we bought at Costco.
This is a once a year dish. Literally.


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Ways To Develop Congregational Singing (via Jeremy Armstrong)

This article was titled 10 Things I Did Not Do that Improved My Congregation’s Singing and it takes the negative to achieve a positive outcome path.
These points are all helpful, with some more relevant in our situation than others.
The point is that there are pressures on church music and its presentation to conform to a model, and often the outcome of that model is decreased congregational singing.

If they look interesting go and check out the article where they are expanded upon.

1. I did not turn the lights down.
2. I did not turn the sound up.
3. I did not try to sound like the YouTube video.
4. I did not try lengthy or frequent instrumental solos.
5. I did not try the newest worships songs.
6. I did not try to get rid of their old favorite songs.
7. I did not try to greatly expand the song library.
8. I did not try rhythmically challenging melodies.
9. I did not try too many songs in a worship service.
10. I did not have my band play on every verse and chorus.

Read the whole post here.

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After You’ve Gone by Sierra Hull

This is Sierra Hull singing After You’ve Gone on The Prairie Home Companion.

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All The Way My Saviour Leads Me – Sunday Songs

Had a discussion after church tonight about Frances Jane van Alstyne (Fanny Crosby) the blind hymn writer of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
I’ve featured a number of her compositions before, but here’s another All The Way My Saviour Leads Me.
This is a Gary Chapman – Hymn A Week rendition.

The Lyrics:
All the way my Savior leads me,
What have I to ask beside?
Can I doubt His tender mercy,
Who through life has been my Guide?
Heav’nly peace, divinest comfort,
Here by faith in Him to dwell!
For I know, whate’er befall me,
Jesus doeth all things well;
For I know, whate’er befall me,
Jesus doeth all things well.
All the way my Savior leads me,
Cheers each winding path I tread,
Gives me grace for every trial,
Feeds me with the living Bread.
Though my weary steps may falter
And my soul athirst may be,
Gushing from the Rock before me,
Lo! A spring of joy I see;
Gushing from the Rock before me,
Lo! A spring of joy I see.
All the way my Savior leads me,
Oh, the fullness of His love!
Perfect rest to me is promised
In my Father’s house above.
When my spirit, clothed immortal,
Wings its flight to realms of day
This my song through endless ages:
Jesus led me all the way;
This my song through endless ages:
Jesus led me all the way.

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Westminster Confession Of Faith – Lord’s Day 9

Westminster Confession Of Faith – Lord’s Day 9

Chapter 5 – Of Providence cont. (Paragraphs 5-7)
V. The most wise, righteous, and gracious God, does often times leave for a season his own children to manifold temptations and the corruption of their own hearts, to chastise them for their former sins, or to discover unto them the hidden strength of corruption and deceitfulness of their hearts, that they may be humbled; and to raise them to a more close and constant dependence for their support upon himself, and to make them more watchful against all future occasions of sin, and for sundry other just and holy ends.
VI. As for those wicked and ungodly men whom God, as a righteous judge, for former sins, does blind and harden; from them he not only withholds his grace, whereby they might have been enlightened in their understandings,and wrought upon their hearts; but sometimes also withdraws the gifts which they had; and exposes them to such objects as their corruption makes occasion of sin; and withal, gives them over to their own lusts, the temptations of the world, and the power of Satan; whereby it comes to pass that they harden themselves, even under those means which God uses for the softening of others.
VII. As the providence of God does, in general, reach to all creatures, so, after a most special manner, it takes care of his Church, and disposes all things to the good thereof.

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Scripture Memorisation And Prayer (via G.K. Beale)

Greg Beale speaks about the importance of Scripture memorisation and the help that it is to prayer.
May you gather for worship in a place where the Scripture will be read and laid to heart, not absent or used as a bridge between worship items.

The transcript:

What keeps me going in my daily devotions is Acts chapter 7. That’s not my favorite book by the way. But in Acts 7 it says that Scripture is the living words or oracles of God. Well, if that’s true and we come to any part of Scripture, we can expect and should believe that we’re going to be transformed by living oracles. It’s not a dead word, these are living oracles. And one of the things that has really helped my prayer life, because it’s so filled with Scripture, is The Valley of Vision by Banner of Truth.
If you do not own a copy of The Valley of Vision, let me know, and I’ll give you a nickel towards the purchase of it. And if you need more, let me know. But really, I pray through those, I pray through one of those every day. They are marvelous, they’re the prayers of the Puritans. And also, to turn Scripture into prayer in your devotions. Personalize it. One thing I’ve done—it’s funny you should mention Psalm 51—I’ve memorized most of Psalm 51, and I began to realize not just when I’m reading should I turn it into prayer but it would be nice when I’m traveling or whatever and I don’t have a Bible before me to have it in my mind. It’s hard for me to memorize quite frankly, but you can do it. Even if you are not a good memorizer. And so to pray through those words and to turn them into prayer. A lot of times it doesn’t take that much to turn Psalm 51 into prayer because it is a prayer.