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A Eulogy For Parker David Gilles, Who Died The Day He Was Born (via Kristen Gilles)

What can be said about a life that ended on the day of birth?
Well, when that life was present with his family for 42 weeks before birth, and a lot of memories occur.
Kirsten Gilles shares the eulogy she prepared and read at the funeral of her son Parker David Gilles at My Song In The Night.


Henri Le Chat Noir Summarises Halloween

No one wants to hear what a middle aged male white pastor thinks about Halloween.
But a cat.
Cats are cute.
Henri Le Chat Noir can express the truth and get away with it. Almost.
And he speaks French. Everything sounds classier in French. (Although some take issue with Henri’s French.)

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Now And Not Yet – Matt Searles’ Contemporary Album of Psalms Free During November

Back in March I posted about Now And Not Yet, an album of Psalms (and one hymn) composed by Matt Searles with vocals by Miriam Jones.
To mark the commencement of recording a second album, Matt is making Now And Not Yet available as a free download at Bandcamp during November 2012.
If you wish to you could still purchase a physical CD.
I’m sure you could even make a payment for the download if you wanted to, but it is free for one month.
As someone who paid for it, it’s worth having.
And the reason that Matt told those of us who’d already bought it that he’s giving it away for free is so that we could spread the word.
So don’t be shy, download away.
If you’re a fan of Australian group Sons Of Korah, I think you’ll like this.

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Raising Children

Even with teenagers, substitute the words ‘shower’ and ‘shopping’ and you get these reactions.
For years.
And years.
And years.
Maybe decades.
At least two.

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Now Listening To ‘Christ Is Our Cornerstone’ – New Parish Psalms II

Last week was a bit crazy for new music arrivals.
This is a situation that can arise when: a) you just might purchase too much music; and b) a number of items preordered from a variety of sources all arrive at once.
On Sunday the download code for Christ Is Our Cornerstone arrived.
I mentioned that I’d backed the Kickstarter campaign for this back in May.
Enabled by the proceeds of their successful appeal, Gregory D. Wilbur and a group of talented musicians have gone to work and recorded a fine set of songs for congregational use.
Early listening suggests that the album is a melodic and well written selection of songs.
Vocal and musical skill abounds.
The album should release next week.
I will try to post some proper album reviews soon.

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Healing For Damaged Emotions by David Seamands – Free Kindle Download For Limited Time

I remember reading David Seamands’ Healing For Damaged Emotions and finding it helpful.
Published in 1981, the Kindle edition is currently available for free.
There is a place for understanding that present inclinations toward negative and sinful activities may point to past experiences which we have not properly dealt with.
It’s not a substitute for biblical obedience as the means for dealing with temptation, but it is helpful.
Gospel eBooks provided the link.
If the book is no longer listed as free the offer has expired.

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Best Ever Plot Summary For ‘Wizard Of Oz’

This is turning up everywhere at the moment.

The best explanation of it that I’ve seen is at this site.