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Rhino – The Ryan Harris Biography

Getting into a holiday mindset takes a simple read or two.
Rhino by Ryan Harris is a perfect example: very readable and undemanding.
This sporting biography features not one, but two co-writers, but Harris’ story is interesting because of the mid-career recreation that he effected going from journeyman to spearhead in the midst of continuing struggles with injury.
The fact he experienced that season of success as part of the Queensland team makes it all the more engaging.
Sorry, South Australia.

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Why Evangelicals Should Care More About Ecclesiology (via Tish Harrison Warren at Mere Orthodoxy)

Modern evangelicals are often a reflection of the individualism and cynicism of the present age in their attitudes to institutions or denominations.
As celebrity leader models collapse, and as expectations of accountability as protection against abuse grow, the benefit and necessity of denominations and institutional linkages is becoming more apparent.
These structures don’t exist for their own sake though, and if they do they become their own snare.
From Tish Harrison Warren:

If individuals and societies are to flourish, we need healthy institutions. But institutionalism, an idolatry of institutions, where the preservation of an institution is it’s only end, is, in no uncertain terms, evil. Though Christian leaders need to be (overtly) institutionally embedded and accountable, we cannot embrace a kind of institutionalism that overlooks justice, accountability, and the weak in order to gain ecclesial power.
We must seek just and good institutions and systems of accountability, yet there is no ecclesiology, there is no church structure, that will save us from sin. In the words of Artur Rosman, “there are no silver bullets against the werewolves of faithlessness.” Any institution or system we form, no matter how wise, will be sin-soaked. We do not simply need better institutions; we need atonement.
Yet, because ecclesiology won’t rescue us from bad things happening does not mean that wise structures of accountability are not important for a just and faithful church.

Read the whole post here.

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Footy Tipping 2018 – NRL Round 25 / AFL Prefinals Bye

This week sees the final round of the NRL with the AFL having a week off before the finals.
The conceit of the AFL week off was to discourage teams already assured of a place in the finals from resting players in the last round.
The NRL don’t need it because their competition has been so equal (this year at least). Although the eight is settled, apparently all teams in the eight could theoretically finish as high as second (although some of them would have to win by 100 points to achieve it).

Anyway, here we go.

NRL (last round 4/8; season tally 92/164)
Saint George
North Queensland

AFL (last round 7/9; season tally 140/197)

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You can walk for a long time and the horizon stays the same.

Then turn around and walk back with the same view on the other side.

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Once For All by Trevor Hodge

Trevor Hodge has released Once For All, an ep featuring five songs.
It’s available for download at bandcamp.
Worth checking out.

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Saw Mirai, newly released today.

Not the sort of thing that makes it to our home region.

An episodic exploration of a four-year-old adjusting to life as his family welcomes his baby sister, Mirai.
The premise evokes Dicken’s A Christmas Carol, exploring familial relational dynamics across generations.
There are many familiar emotional situations portrayed.
The animation is beautiful.
Not really for small children, though the central protagonist is one.

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Rise Up And Walk (via Ron Block)

A meditation on faith by Ron Block.

Faith isn’t something we drum up or fight for. We don’t pull up our faith-bootstraps and try to believe. Faith is more than intellectual assent to ideas about God; it is the outcome of any real moment of intimate contact with him.
When we are fearful or unbelieving, when we look at the future with trepidation, or when our mind is spinning with past losses, what can we do? Well, what do we do when we are cold? We pull our chairs up to the hearth and get closer to the fire. We step into the warmth and light of the sun.

Read the whole post at The Rabbit Room.