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Footy Tipping 2017 – NRL Round 26 / AFL Pre-Finals Bye

AFL are having a week off because some teams were getting in the habit of resting players in the final round a couple of years ago. Not that it actually helped those teams win grand finals.
Melbourne found a novel way to miss the finals after being in the eight for sixteen of the twenty-three weeks of the season. Western Bulldogs will spend the off-season wondering if their premiership was simply a fluke.
In NRL the final round offers numbers of permutations for everything except the minor premiership. Saint George will get in the top eight if they win on Sunday, and by then they’ll know which team they’ll leapfrog over.
Last weekend Brisbane and Paramatta apparently enjoyed the Bledisloe Cup game so much they re-enacted it.
Three top eight sides lost, two to other top eight teams. Manly got out of jail. Somehow.

NRL (last round 5/8; season tally 123/184)
Saint George

AFL (last round 7/9; season tally 125/198)
next week

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Seven Leadership Pitfalls (via Ron Edmondson)

Ron Edmondson looks to his own experience and provides seven warnings for aspiring leaders.
These are all ongoing to leadership life. There’s never a time when they don’t apply.

From Edmondson’s post.

What you “settle for” eventually becomes the culture. And, then it is much more difficult to change. In fact, you’re probably settling because you’re fighting against culture now. Leadership involves challenging people beyond their current comfort level.
Mediocrity isn’t created. It’s accepted. Oh, how I’ve learned this one the hard way. People will be average if you allow them to be. It’s easier. In most jobs, they get paid the same. That’s not even to say it’s what they prefer. Most people prefer excellence, but it often takes leadership – or coaching – to pull out the best in people.
Your actions determine other people’s reactions. During stressful times the leader’s response dictates the level of stress on the team. When it’s time to celebrate, the team will seldom celebrate more than the leader. The leader sets the bar of expectations in how the team reacts to life as a team.
Don’t assume they agree because they haven’t said anything. I actually wrote about a whole chapter about this one in my book The Mythical Leader. But, silence doesn’t equate to agreement.
You’ll never get there just “thinking about it”. And, we do more of that as a team sometimes – it seems – than we do getting work done. Every good idea isn’t even something the team should do. But, if it is, there needs to be a plan. Who’s in charge? When are we doing it? And, how will we know when we are successful?
If you’re the leader, they are likely waiting on you to lead or release the right to lead. People seldom take initiative unless you lead – or unless you create the culture which gives them permission, freedom and encouragement to do so.
What the team values becomes apparent by your actions, more than your words. And, it doesn’t matter how well spoken you might be. People follow what the leader does.

Read the whole post here.

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Continuously – Sandra McCracken Live

Especially if you haven’t got any recordings by Sandra McCracken, her Live album is a wonderful collection of her work.
Those of us who have previous works in her catalogue are hearing a fresh expression of old favourites.

Here’s Continuously.

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Build Capital – Spend Capital (via Jamie Brown)

Jamie Brown writes from the perspective of leading musical praise in a local church, but the principle is true for all leaders, including pastors.
There is always a danger of building trust, but never calling on that trust to be expressed; just as expecting trust continually without ever earning it does not build relationships.
Pastors should also be conscious that a reserve of trust should not take the place of faith in God’s power and presence.
Which is to say I think the balance is best kept where the relationship operates from a basis of both parties acting out of trust in God. Don’t try to build up so much capital that trust in God doesn’t seem essential.
From Brown:

Worship leaders must learn the capital equation. Which is: Build capital. Spend capital. Build back capital. Repeat as needed.
When all you do is spend, spend, spend capital, you’re operating out of a deficit. People don’t trust you, they’re worn out, and you’re not going to find them all that adventurous. Too many new songs. Too loud. Too much liturgy. Too many hymns. Too many electric guitars. Whatever it is. You’re spending too much, too soon, too often, and maybe too recklessly. Be smarter.
Likewise, when all you do is build, build, build capital and never take any risks or push people anywhere, then you’re wasting opportunities. Safe choices, same songs, no creativity, no one is upset with you, bored musicians, ho-hum services, and no lost sleep over a risky idea.
Do both. Spend capital! But once you’ve spent it, then ease off the gas and build it back. Feel it out. You’ll almost certainly lean too much in one direction before you realize it and then make a correction.

Read the whole post at Worthily Magnify.

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Cow Wants Cuddles

They used to say Carnation brand milk came from contented cows. (They still may say that.)
Anyway, cows don’t come much more contented than this.

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Worthy – New Release From EMU Music

Worthy the latest release from EMU Music features Rob Smith and Nicky Chiswell, two of their strongest early contributors.
Their contributions to EMU albums of late have been more limited, so I’ll be interested to hear what they’re sounding like now.

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Sing To Jesus by Fernando Ortega (with Alison Krauss)

Sing To Jesus is an older song from Fernando Ortega.
The rendition is enhanced by background vocals from the sublime Alison Krauss.