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When Does A New Decade Begin? (via Mental Floss)

It probably won’t surprise anyone who knows me to find out I lean heavily on the ‘decades/centuries begin on the year that has a 1, not a 0’ side of the contention about when these things actually start.
This article from Mental Floss has placated me a bit with its observation that it’s not really about math, it’s about how use the dates to group things.
Now if everyone can officially agree that the first decade has nine years, and the first century has ninety-nine years I’m happy.
And even if everyone can’t I think I can live with it.
I think.

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Daylight Saving Clock Watching

Video in which someone watches their clock advance from 1:59am to 3:00am with the commencement of daylight saving.
I sleep through this and have no desire to watch it personally, but this is what happens.
A clock watcher’s dream.

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On The Death Of Shopping Malls (via Wired)

Analysis of the situation of Shopping Malls that have closed in the USA in a video report from Wired.
It’s interesting to hear the balance of over-supply, changes in shopping habits, and changes in people’s social gathering habits are all thought to contribute to the change.
No one thing has contributed to the decline, and ongoing developments in demographics have meant that there are no simple responses that can return those facilities to viability.
The situation will continue to evolve, in the face of ongoing social changes, just as malls themselves were a response to post-world-war-2 social changes.
Solutions need to look forward and accomodate sociological developments instead of trying to keep meeting the culture that has passed.
Of interest to Christians is what changes in peoples’ gathering habits mean as we seek to interact with our culture in communicating the Gospel.
Malls were a development in ‘third space’ places beyond home and work and were one of the areas that supplanted churches.
There is a comment about churches taking over disused malls.
Larger churches sort of emulated some aspects of mall structure, and it will be fascinating to see whether that gets wound back or whether they have simply become their own sub-culture in that form.
The video refers to television program Stranger Things, but doesn’t require any familiarity with that program. I’ve never watched it.

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Wonder If Malcolm Turnbull Was In Station Square Carpark Today

Saw this and I wondered if our erstwhile Prime Minister had found his way to Maryborough in Queensland.

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The Art Of Nut Milking (via Know Ideas Media)

This short mockumentary seeks to promote discussion about the proper nomenclature for non-dairy products.
They ask people to contribute their opinions about the matter in the comments on youtube, but nothing could make read them.
I found the video itself very amusing.

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Shopping Bag Madness

In South Australia we’ve had to bring our own shopping bags to the supermarket for ten years.
We complained about it, now we don’t even think about it.
If you forget to bring a bag you buy another one.
We’ve got a boot full.

It felt slightly subversive going to the east coast and getting free bags when shopping there.
Now the rest of Australia are going BYO bags.

People are losing their minds.
One supermarket chain opened all their checkouts to cope with delays.
Another was giving away free their purchasable bags for free.

How long will it take people to adjust?
Personal experience says pretty quickly.

What is it that people think they’ve lost that accounts for the upset and aggression?
The bags are just extra packaging to bring over-packaged items home in.

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I Am Sirius, … And Don’t Call Me Shirley. Or Ferry McFerryface.

I thought Ferry McFerryface was a good name for a ferry.