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Four Songs From Brisbane’s John Piper Event

Here’s a YouTube featuring four songs which were sung at the John Piper in Brisbane event on August 25.
Not surprisingly, the names Getty and Townend feature prominantly.
The songs:
Come People of the Risen King – Getty & Townend
This Life I Live – Morrow
In Christ Alone – Townend
O Church Arise – Getty & Townend
If you want something that has strong content, is singable for a wide range of voices, and can be picked up by a large group who haven’t heard them before they’re your go to men.
Which reminds me that Come People and O Church Arise need to make it to our morning song list at mgpc.
This Life I Live complements them well.
From the EMU stable it is evocative of the Getty/Townend catalogue. (Which is a compliment.)
Thanks to Peter Yock for the link. (I think Peter’s the guitarist in the video.)

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Paul The Apostle – A Widower? (via Denny Burk)

Denny Burk seeks to argue that Paul the Apostle was a widower.
His seven points of support are:

1. Paul puts himself in the category of being “unmarried” in 1 Corinthians 7:8.
2. The word “unmarried” translates the Greek word agamos.
3. Paul uses the term agamos to refer to those who have been married but now are no longer married.
4. The context of agamos in 1 Corinthians 7:8 is dominated by Paul’s instructions to those who are married or who have been married.
5. The Greek word for “widower” was not in use during the Koine period.
6. The word for “unmarried” appears to be the masculine word for someone who has lost a spouse.
7. As a good Pharisee, it is highly unlikely that Paul would have been single his entire life.

Read the details of the points here.


I don’t believe that Paul’s married or unmarried life makes any difference to our understanding of his teaching. It might carry a certain interest if we consider a history of married life behind some of his statements about marriage and single life.

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Nine Recommended Books On Leadership (via Matt Permann)

Adding to a previous post where Steve Cree of Creek Road Presbyterian shares his most valued resources on leadership, Matt Perman of Desiring God ministries has a post at the Gospel Coalition where he lists nine books on leadership that are also worth considering.

They are:

  1. The Cross and Christian Ministry: Leadership Lessons from 1 Corinthians, DA Carson
  2. Spurgeon on Leadership, Larry Michael
  3. Next Generation Leader: 5 Essentials for Those Who Will Shape the Future, Andy Stanley
  4. The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make, Hans Finzel
  5. Leaders Who Last, Dave Kraft
  6. The One Thing You Need to Know, Marcus Buckingham
  7. You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader: How Anyone, Anywhere, Can Make a Positive Difference, Mark Sanborn
  8. Leadership, Rudy Giuliani
  9. Built to Last, Jim Collins and Jerry Porras

Perman’s article at the Gospel Coalition features a brief paragraph about each book.

I think the only person to feature on both lists in Andy Stanley. (In different books.)

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Books On The Heidelberg Catechism

Valiant For Truth, the blog of Westminster Seminary California have produced a list of books which are based upon, or deal with the Heidelberg Catechism as part of their Building The Minister’s Library series of posts.
It’s a helpful reference.
Becoming conversant with the Heidelberg Catechism has been a helpful complement to its Westminster counterparts.
I’ve got The Good News We Almost Forgot by Kevin DeYoung, which is a primer/overview of the catechism.
Some of the other books look interesting.

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Maybe The Best High-Concept Engagement Photos Ever

These photos are doing the rounds of the internet at the moment.
Someone has pasted them all together, so you can scroll down and see the story they tell.
They’re originally from the photographer’s blog.
You can see them in larger size there or by clicking on the photo below or this link.

Makes you wonder what the wedding will be like, doesn’t it?

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The Sola Panel Is On The Move

Though it has been fairly inactive of late, The Sola Panel has been a worthwhile site to read as a window into the range of thought which is Sydney evangelicalism (Matthias Media style).
Tony Payne has posted about a change to the Sola Panel that will take effect from Thursday, 1st September.

On that day, the new online home of The Briefing will go live. The Briefing is published by Matthias Media, the hosters and sponsors of the Sola Panel, and we are praying that the new Briefing site will turn out to be a really significant hub for Reformed-evangelical thought and discussion. We thought that the logical thing to do was to take the Sola Panel blog across to that new site. So as of next Thursday, we’ll be closing down ‘’ and redirecting all traffic to
We’re also going to change the format of the Sola Panel slightly. As of next Thursday, there will be six regular panellists: four from Aus (me, Sandy Grant, Lionel Windsor and Jean Williams), one from the US (Marty Sweeney), and one from the UK (Richard Perkins). We’ll each have our own ‘page’ or blog, on which we’ll pop things up at a pretty regular clip. We’ll interact with each other’s posts and with reader’s comments as we do now.
Other current Sola Panellists (like Mark Baddeley, Scott Newling, Gordon Cheng, Peter Bolt, etc.) will continue to contribute in the main Briefing content panel, as they are able.
So to our many readers, this is not the end, but a re-location! We still love the five ‘solas’ of the Reformation, and we still want to promote a Bible-driven passion for theology, holiness and gospel ministry. Please come and visit us at our new home:

All the best to Matthias Media on their relaunch of The Briefing and The Sola Panel.