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Four Words For Love TV Ad

Anyone who has spent time in a church will have heard reference made to the differing Greek words that are translated as ‘love’ in English Bibles.
Various sermons will have made their entire points about redemption or Christian living on observations about these loves, perhaps even if in some cases the different words used don’t carry all the freight that various differentiations might allow for.

Here’s an ad that featured in the Super Bowl for an insurance company called Love Takes Action and which references “The Ancient Greeks” as having “had four words for love. The most admirable is called agápē. Love as an action.”

Their expression of the motivation for that action is contained in the ad.
It’s a secular expression of agápē that declines to mention that the “Ancient Greek” usage of it seems to have been predominantly biblical, and because of that can’t really emphasise the undeserving objects that are present in biblical explanations, a dimension which deepens the wonder of its sacrificial nature.
That’s not a criticism, but it’s a point of contrast that stands out to me.

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Captain Marvel Endgame Prequel Audi Car Ad

This ad for an Audi electric car features Captain Marvel being caught up on earth developments that have taken place during her time away faring through space.
It’s amusing.
It features (minor spoiler) more Captain Marvel dialogue and screen time than Endgame itself.
It may also explain why our opposition leader in Australia thinks it takes eight minutes to charge an electric car.

I totally expect to go and see Endgame again on Saturday.

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Rob Lowe, The Latest KFC Colonel

For fans of Zinger Burgers and/or Rob Lowe.
Turns out that, of all places, the KFC Zinger Burger has not been available in the USA until now.
Trouble is, US folk have trouble accepting that something is world-famous if they’ve never heard of it.
So, to mark its release in that market Rob Lowe joins the list of guest actors playing the KFC Colonel (seemingly by way of a character from an Aaron Sorkin drama) in this ad which marks the release of the product in the final frontier.

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When Failure Creates Unexpected Success – New Coke

This Today I Found Out video tells the story of Coca-Cola’s spectacularly unsuccessful attempt to replace their original formula signature product propelled it to greater heights of popularity.
The part about people’s reaction to finding out they preferred the new formula to the old is particularly amusing, too.

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If You Have A Christmas Tree Your Cat Does Not Need A Christmas Present

It would be the same for toddlers too, but people still give them presents regardless.

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Basil Fawlty Shilling For Specsavers

John Cleese revives his Basil Fawlty persona after 35 years for an ad for Specsavers, of all things.