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The Princess Bride Songified

Here’s a musical tribute to one of my favourite movies.
Sing along to The Princess Bride, songified.
(You’ll want to watch the movie sometime soon though, good thing this is a long weekend.)

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Guess Who?

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? is another Father’s Day present.

Spencer Tracy’s final performance alongside legends Kathryn Hepburn and Sidney Poitier.

The movie glut is drawing to a close. I promise.

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A Night To Remember

Another part of current movie splurge.

A Night To Remember is the 1958 British movie about the sinking of the Titanic.

Though eclipsed in public consciousness by James Cameron’s epic, this movie remains a touching depiction of human tragedy.

So we’ll done that Cameron mirrors significant portions of this film in his own work.

The blu ray is a wonderful edition of the movie.

Many familiar British actors can be seen, some in early phases of their careers.

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Lilies Of The Field

I’m on a little movie kick at the moment.

Lilies Of The Field is a lovely understated movie with a wonderful (Oscar best actor winning) performance by Sidney Poitier.

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Nothing Succeeds Like Success

How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying is a favourite movie musical of mine.

Clever and superbly performed by a great cast.

Robert Morse is superb, as perfect in his role as Robert Preston is in The Music Man. It’s hard to imagine anyone else doing the lead role of J Pierpont Finch (that’s F.I.N.C.H.) justice.

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Watching – Lion

I listened to Saroo Brierley's book Lion as an audio book reading on early morning ABC while out walking.
It was a captivating narrative, plainly told, but made extraordinary by the events related.
Tonight we're watching the movie.

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Guardians 2

Interesting revisitation of the first movie’s themes, spending time on the subjects of family and parenthood.
Don’t know if it actually does the work to justify the emotional payoffs that it claims.
Nor does it really advance the characters or their story arcs (apart from Peter Quills) far beyond the first movie.