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Watching A Movie, Thinking Of Someone Departed

Went to the funeral of a remarkable man who died too young.

He liked a particular movie. Music from it featured at the service.

I watched the movie again.

It revolves around a historical event and focuses on creativity, determination, daring, and heart. Just like the man whose life we gave thanks for this morning.

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An Old Movie, Not Suitable For Children

I’m looking forward to watching this on a large screen in ultra high definition.

My youngest daughter has reservations about children watching it.
She seems to subscribe to this review.

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Star Wars Rise Of Skywalker Final Trailer

“The Saga Will End”
We’ll see.

Who is Rey?
Will Poe Dameron ever do anything remotely heroic that doesn’t get lots of people killed?
Where will emo Darth Vader or whatever his name is end up?
Is Chewie going to get a medal sometime or another?
Is the Emperor really floating around somewhere, or was Supreme Leader Snoke just a complete waste of time?
Are we going to see a big, big, gathering of force ghosts sometime or another?
Any chance of the force being balanced?

Eh, maybe I have to watch eight or nine movies before December 19.

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“Died Tragically Rescuing His Family From The Wreckage Of A Destroyed Sinking Battleship”

If you’re in the market for an epitaph to put on your grave you could do worse that this one:
“Died Tragically Rescuing His Family From the Wreckage of a Destroyed Sinking Battleship”

And if you ever think you may have failed as a father, or your father failed you, watch The Royal Tenenbaums and see how you feel after.

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Things That Freak Out My Kids

Sometimes my kids learn things about me that blow their minds.
Earlier this week it was that I haven’t seen the Willie Wonka movies.
Tonight it was that I’ve never watched The Wedding Singer.
I haven’t consciously avoided it.
Just never been in the same room when it was on.