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Que, Sera, Sera

Turns out I had a dvd of The Man Who Knew Too Much sitting on the shelf as well.
Doris Day performing under the direction of Alfred Hitchcock alongside Jimmy Stewart is one of her more distinctive roles.
In the credits one of the songs is listed as “Whatever Will Be,” but is much more famous as Doris Day’s signature song Que Sera, Sera.
Her rendition in the movie is integral to the plot.
Over time I think it became more lush and sentimental than it is here.
In any case, this is song that makes me think of my mother.
I think she sang it better than Doris.

This clip from the movie is featuring on the Hitchcock youtube channel.

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Not Really Gone, Doris Day

Spending a pleasant time on my quiet day watching a favourite movie, Calamity Jane.

The late Doris Day had all but completed her Hollywood career by my childhood, so it seemed like she was always there, and thanks to the magic of movies she always will be.

The fact Calamity Jane features my all-time best leading man in non-dancing musicals, Howard Keel is what sets this one apart.

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Maybe The Best Of Things

“Remember, Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” 

The Shawshank Redemption.

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Where Did He Learn To Negotiate Like That?

Fog (Lee Evans), talking about Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis), The Fifth Element.

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Captain Marvel Endgame Prequel Audi Car Ad

This ad for an Audi electric car features Captain Marvel being caught up on earth developments that have taken place during her time away faring through space.
It’s amusing.
It features (minor spoiler) more Captain Marvel dialogue and screen time than Endgame itself.
It may also explain why our opposition leader in Australia thinks it takes eight minutes to charge an electric car.

I totally expect to go and see Endgame again on Saturday.

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Marvel Movie Recap To We Didn’t Start The Fire By The Avengers’ Cast

There have been a lot of recaps trying to bring people up to speed with all the Marvel movies leading up to Avengers Endgame.
This is easily the best.
By far.