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Some Kind Of Kneeler (True Grit)

The 2010 version of True Grit virtually washed the Christian faith of Mattie Ross out of the story, reducing it to something of a background theme to the story.
The 1969 version retained the somewhat belligerent tone of Mattie Ross’ gritty Presbyterianism.
An example of which is demonstrated in another of the generally feisty exchanges between Mattie Ross and LaBoeuf.

LaBoeuf: “I was raised in the Episcopal Church myself.”
Mattie: “I figured you for some kind of kneeler.”

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The Good Christian (True Grit)

The story True Grit originated in a novel and has been adapted in two movies.
The 1969 movie features this exchange between Mattie Ross and horse-trader Colonel Stonehill as Mattie explains her plans to pursue justice for her father’s murder.
It has a good observation about Christian faith, difficulties and presumption.

“Well, perhaps it will all work out to your satisfaction. I shall pray that you return safely, your efforts crowned with success. It may prove to be a hard journey.”
“The good Christian does not flinch from difficulties.”
“Neither does he rashly court them. The good Christian is not willful or presumptuous.”
“You think I am wrong.”
“I think you are wrongheaded.”
“We will see.”
“Yes, I am afraid so.”

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Weird Facts In Movies

Billy Crystal’s son in City Slickers is Mysterio in Spider-Man Homecoming.

I saw both of these movies when they came out.

And Billy Crystal’s Mitch Robbins felt old.

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Obadiah Stane Saved (Half) The Universe

We’re watching the first Iron Man movie and I just realized that Obadiah Stane is responsible for the saving of half the universe.


And yet everyone is Tony Stark this, Tony Stark that, 3000, 3000, blah, blah.

(Or maybe Ho Yonsin, but not Tony)

(And original Rhodey never got a next time. 😭)

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How Avengers Endgame Should Have Ended

This epic instalment of How It Should Have Ended is a most enjoyable romp through the mind-boggling plot contrivances and inconsistencies of recent block-buster Avengers Endgame.
It’s one thing to adopt your own idiosyncratic version of time travel.
It’s another thing altogether not to particularly bother to apply that version with any pretence of internal consistency.


Aladdin 2019

So, I accompanied my three daughters who put their childhoods in Disney’s hands today as we saw the live action adaption of the animated Aladdin.
The verdict was positive.
Merging the existing storyline with some modern cultural sensitivity and some bollywood stylisation enabled the whole thing to appear more worthy without taking itself far too seriously.
The absence of Robin Williams was always going to be the greatest challenge; Williams was capable of subversion and pathos without alienating audiences or descending to sentimentalism. The movie’s solution is to allow Will Smith to play himself, a popularly likeable figure while also providing the character a story arc that effectively helps him bridge the emotional gap that Williams carried the first movie over.
The character development of Jasmine makes sense, with her song bringing the more recent power ballad style song (ie Let It Go) into the plot to stand alongside the more classic musical numbers. It also seems that the original probably lacked an ‘I Want’ song, so this provides that as well.
Some rebalancing of Jaffar and Iago meant Iago is more restrained and Jaffar is far more emotive, which makes some sense.
Anyway, not too bad.
We await The Lion King.