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Mary Poppins Returns Teaser Trailer

It’s probably about time Mary Poppins came back.
Those pigeons aren’t going to feed themselves.

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The Wingfeather Saga Short Film / Series Trailer

The Wingfeather Saga is the collective title of a four book fantasy series aimed at younger readers written by Andrew Peterson (better known as a singing/songwriter).
Nearly two years ago a Kickstarter campaign aimed at funding a short animated trailer (which would serve to arouse interest in an animated series based on the books) raised an astounding $260,000 of a proposed $110,000 goal.
This enabled a trailer to grow into a fifteen minute short film, featuring more characters than had initially been hoped for.
So, not the short film is available for viewing.
Here it is.
“For twelve-year-old Janner Igiby, life in Glipwood is anything but adventurous. His only escape is the stories he reads at Books and Crannies. Janner’s dream of adventure becomes a perilous reality when his sister, Leeli, stumbles into a Fang of Dang and his little brother, Kalmar, finds a mysterious map that may lead to the powerful Jewels of Anniera.”

If you like it, do what you can to support it.

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Something I Never Noticed

The 1966 Batman movie is on TV tonight. (The one from the TV show).
One famous scene features Batman fighting off a shark on a rope ladder hanging from a helicopter (!!) using Shark Repellent Bat Spray conveniently stored on the Bat-copter.

What I didn’t remember was that Shark Repellent Bat Spray was only one of the available Marine Repellent Bat Sprays on board in case of emergency.
Barracuda, Whale, and Manta-Ray were the other Oceanic Repellent Bat Sprays.

You never know, that may help you out in a trivia contest some day.

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Avengers Infinity War Trailer

Marvel continue to raise the stakes in their movies. What will be left after this one? The sequel?
Anyway, this is what I’m doing May 4 or whatever the Australian release date is.

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A Movie About A Man Who’s On His Way To Australia

A few months ago I discovered specialist bluray movie producer Twilight Time. They release limited runs of movies that don’t have general retail releases.
A recent sale involved a purchase of comedy 9 to 5 and since postage of a second movie would cost the same I was looking through the catalogue and saw a two-in-one release of Support Your Local Sheriff and Support Your Local Gunfighter, both starring James Garner and casts of cinema stalwarts.
I watched Sheriff today and was surprised both by how much of it was familiar and how funny it was.
These sorts of movies seemed to be on TV a lot more years ago than they do today. (Or maybe I’m just not looking at the TV that much) Even the streaming services don’t carry these material like this.
Garner’s laconic comedic style plays nicely against a seasoned cast of character actors including Harry Morgan, Jack Elam, Henry Jones, Joan Hackett, Walter Brennan, Bruce Dern, and Kathleen Freeman.
Gunfighter will wait for another day.

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On Wings Of Eagles – The Story After Chariots Of Fire

On Wings Of Eagles is a recently released movie that follows the life of Eric Liddell after the events portrayed in Chariots Of Fire.
If you thought the best of Liddell’s story was over after the first movie you were mistaken.
Though containing certain dramatic liberties in its story, the conclusion montage of Chariots Of Fire indicated Liddell’s life would go on to greater heights.

I don’t expect it will receive a cinematic release in Australia, but it will be worth looking out for on other formats.