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Kodi Lee – Blind, Autistic, Talented

On the off chance you haven’t seen or heard this – watch this video of Kodi Lee auditioning on America’s Got Talent.
It’s been watched about 17 million times when I posted this, and it’ll pick up millions more.

Kodi Lee is blind and autistic, and he comes out on stage to sing and play the piano.
See for yourself.
If you’ve already watched it, watch it again.
You may need a tissue or two.

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Being Parents Who Are Failures At Perfectionism (via Chad Bird)

Contemporary parenting undertakes the burden of providing a perfect life experience for children. It is an expression control on the part of the parent, taking the role of a God in the life of their child. And the more micro-controlled that the upbringing of children is becoming is being accompanied by an increase in anxiety among them.

From Chad Bird:

God knows that if there’s anything our world needs, it’s certainly not more superparents. We need plain old boring moms and dads. The kind who are more concerned with modelling humble, loving service to their children than hot-housing them into superbabies who out-SAT and out-GPA their classmates. The kind of parents who are more concerned with teaching their children “the joy of tasting tomatoes, apples and pears,” as William Martin writes, than the thrill of guzzling the intoxicating liquor of success. The kind of parents who are utter failures at perfectionism, at being heroes and heroines, at maintaining complete control of their child’s upbringing — in short, who fail at being a god — in order that the grace of God might succeed in our lives as moms and dads as well as in the lives of our children.
Most of all, we need the kind of parents who see their primary identity not as parents but as children. Before I am a father, I am a son of God. Before my wife is a mother, she is a daughter of God. Before we are anything else — parent, spouse, worker, citizen — we are children of our heavenly Father.

Chad Bird, Upside-Down Spirituality: The Nine Essential Failures Of A Faithful Life, Baker, 2019, pgs 94-95.

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His Mercy Is More by Shane & Shane

Shane & Shane are a prolific duo who seem to have settled into a niche of supporting local church musicians.
A recent release is Hymns, which features a number of contemporary hymn-like songs.
I’ve featured His Mercy Is More a couple of times.
I’m sure that it being featured by these guys will see it have an uptick in popularity.

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Footy Tipping 2019 – NRL Round 12 / AFL Round 11

Just when everything was settling back to how it should be with NRL and AFL correct tip ratios we enter the winter silly season of State of Origin and bye rounds.
I’m a bit sad North Melbourne robbed me of a perfect round by sacking their coach. That only works for one round, though.
This makes things a bit more of a raffle because NRL teams are missing representative players and some AFL teams have the benefit of a week off while others haven’t had their turn yet.
I’ll pick Queensland in the State of Origin. It all depends on the forward packs. Queensland’s doesn’t look as strong in attack, but they are solid defenders, so that may blunt NSW’s advantage. Or not.

NRL (last round 3/8; season tally 54/88)
North Queensland

AFL (last round 8/9; season tally 53/90)
Greater Western Sydney
Port Adelaide
West Coast

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Taking Up Your Cross Is Not A Way Of Life, It’s A Way Of Death. (via Chad Bird)

Jesus is not a life coach. He’s not providing an example to follow, or teaching techniques to get us through the day or tough situations.
What he invites us to do is die with him.

From Chad Bird:

Likewise, to take up our cross daily doesn’t mean to shoulder our personal cares and concerns. Jesus isn’t telling us merely to pick up our sicknesses, temptations, and other “crosses” of life and trudge along behind him. Immediately before he says this, our Lord predicts his upcoming passion. “The Son of Man must suffer many things and be rejected by the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and on the third day be raised” (Luke 9:22). Right on the heels of this, he says to take up our crosses daily and follow him (v.23). In other words, Christ bids us follow him to death and the grave. That’s what crosses are for, after all: to kill people. A hangman’s noose isn’t there just to chafe people’s necks in uncomfortable ways; an electric chair doesn’t simply jolt our bodies with stress. They kill. So too the cross, in Roman society, was an instrument with a singular purpose: executing people. To take up our crosses daily is to suffer many things with Jesus, be rejected with him, be killed with him, and on the third day be raised with him to newness of life.
To be a disciple of Jesus, to follow him instead of our hearts, necessitates our complete incorporation into him.

Chad Bird, Upside-Down Spirituality: The Nine Essential Failures Of A Faithful Life, Baker, 2019, pgs 76-77.


Reformation Comes To Mount Gambier

The first two of my Theologian Statues that were a Kickstarter by Missional Wear arrived today.

Luther and Calvin will be joined by Augustine, Ryle, and John Knox who are all currently in transit.

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No Place Like You by Joy Williams

No Place Like You is a track from Joy Williams’ album Front Porch.