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Footy Tipping 2018 – NRL Round 13 / AFL Round 11

State of Origin means the NRL split rounds begin.
This impacts tips when considering missing players and which teams have had breaks.
Only a point or so from a perfect NRL round of tips last week. That’s about as close as it gets.
AFL has its last round before the byes start.
But at least the players all get uniform breaks.
For some reason I thought I’d tipped Adelaide last week. I must’ve changed my mind.

Oh, and I’m tipping Queensland in the State of Origin.
Without any great confidence.
I’m hoping the QLD forward pack hold their own with NSW.

NRL (last round 7/8; season tally 52/96)

AFL (last round 7/8; season tally 66/89)
Port Adelaide
West Coast
North Melbourne

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I’m reading Meredith Lake’s fascinating ‘cultural history’ The Bible In Australia.
I can’t recall ever encountering the word ‘colporteur’ before, but Lake in referring to the activity of agents of a variety of societies that were dedicated to the distribution of Bibles and religious literature uses the label Colporteur.

A variety of online dictionaries define a Colporteur as:

  • a person who travels to sell or publicize Bibles, religious tracts, etc.
  • a peddler of books.

This reminds me of Big Dan Teague, the morally compromised Bible salesman from O Brother, Where Art Thou.

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Holy Ground by Christa Wells

Holy Ground is a track from Velveteen, an album by Christa Wells.
You can read a little bit about Christa at this interview posted at CCM online.
“The songs that come most naturally can’t be covered by mainstream artists very well. It became important to me that these songs be heard, even if just by a small handful of people. I’ve never been a “go big or go home” kind of person. I’ve just been about doing the work, and if it matters to a few people then it’s worth it.”

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Cheese Rolling

Cheese Rolling.
I can’t think of anything much to write about the Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling races.
It leaves me pretty speechless.

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Claire Hazzard’s The Field Rewritten

I’ve been listening to Claire Hazzard for twenty years or thereabouts, so finding that she has just released Turing Point, a new album, was a happy discovery.
Totally produced by Claire, the album features a different sound than her previous folk-acoustic-pop releases.
A feature of the album is a rewrite of her signature track ‘The Field,’ a very electronic rendition.

Here’s the original.

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Sinclair Ferguson’s Preface To Reformation Worship

When the Gospel was rediscovered at the Reformation a focus on worship accompanied it.
Paying heed to the practice of worship from the past is an insight into the impact of the Gospel on the gathered people of God.
This is based on an understanding of worship as a whole as a means of grace, something from God to us (vertical downward focused); rather than something that people are doing for God (vertical upward focused), or developing an effective content delivery system (horizontal focused) primarily to educate non-Christians.
In reality all three aspects have to be acknowledged and incorporated; and I’m sure the current horizontal obsession will mitigate over time and we’ll see less of Sunday morning as Christian TAFE and something a little more … worshipful.

Sinclair Ferguson writes an introduction to Reformation Worship, a new book on this classic subject.

This isn’t a plea for a wooden adopting, or a slavish imitation, of any or all older liturgies; nor is it an intimidating and metallic insistence that we should use them today “because the reformers used them.” That could—and almost certainly would—have a deadening effect on our worship. Most of us do not live on the continent of Europe, and none of us lives in the 16th century.
Our greatest need is for worship in Spirit as well as in truth today. But older liturgies should stimulate us to careful thought, and cause us to ask how we can apply their principles today in a way that echoes their Trinitarian, Christ-centered, biblically informed content, so that our worship, in our place and time, will echo the gospel content and rhythm they exhibit.
This is no easy task, and it requires wisdom, tact, sensitivity, and careful communication of principles and goals. But it’s also true that, at the end of the day, people tend to learn and to grow as much by experience as by verbal instructions. They need to sense and taste the help and the value of a better way. And since their appetite may have been blunted by a diet of modernity, it’s important to advance little by little.


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What Sacred Fountain by Keith and Kristyn Getty

A lyric video of What Sacred Fountain from Keith and Kristin Getty.