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Superman Dunking A Pirate (via Kerry Callen)

A gif featuring Superman dunking a pirate.
That is all.

Kerry Callen’s website

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“New Australialand”

Australia Lamb have released their 2019 advertising effort, maybe their most controversial production yet.
Controversial, that is, if you live in New Zealand.
I’m not sure what they gain from the proposal, but don’t most of them live here anyway?
Just imagine, a national Rugby Union team that wins.

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1000 People Of Dance

In which Matt Bray spends a year travelling the globe, videoing different people doing the same dance with him at various locations, then edits together a single clip.
It’s all come together pretty well, and is a feel-good few minutes that took a long time to produce.

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The World’s Largest Air-Horn

There’s a significant amount of science-stuff in this video which features someone named Mark Rober constructing a giant air-horn.
Yep, it’s loud, but you’ll also know why it is as loud as it is.

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Tacosaurus Rex

I’m not sure if national taco day is a local observance, or one that is conducted in different nations.

Anyway, in honour, here is Tacosaurus Rex.

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Bill Murray Is Aquaman

Who lives under the sea?
Bill Murray, that’s who.
Mashup trailer of impending DC move Aquaman and The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou.
I’d go and watch this.
Finally, an entertaining DC movie.

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Official Mount Gambier Emoji Soon To Be Released

Among the seventy or so new emoji that will be released later this year, there is an official one in honour of our town, Mount Gambier.

The emoji people aren’t exactly identifying it as such, but it’s pretty obvious.