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Worst. Scammers. Ever.

Whoever it is who’s ringing around at the moment, and in very, very broken English is offering tech support for Windows computers may be the most incompetent scammer ever.
If I’d actually rung and asked for tech support I wouldn’t trust what he was saying.
He didn’t seem to have enough of a grasp on English to try and string him along.

Oh well, at least he didn’t suggest that if I felt my computer may not be working optimally that it may well have been the leading of the Holy Spirit and that I should listen to him.

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Dale Ralph Davis On Old Testament Preaching (via The Gospel Coalition)

Dale Ralph Davis is either the best Old Testament preacher you’ve never heard of or he probably features in your list of the best ones that you have heard of.
This post at the Gospel Coalition points to some resources by Davis that are hosted on at the GC website. You can also find audio recordings of his sermons here.
There’s a short interview, conducted by Collin Hansen. Here’s a couple of questions which demonstrate Davis’ insight, and also the fact that he will make you laugh more than any other serious OT expositor that I know.

What is the greatest challenge for preachers and teachers when it comes to preaching the gospel from Old Testament narratives?
I might say that the “challenge” consists in a “caution”—don’t be trying to “jump start” the OT passage to Jesus. That sounds impious. But I get the sense that sometimes men can be so driven by their christocentric dogma that they don’t really hear the OT passage on its own terms or try to lay bare its own theological intent. They are too busy trying to find clues and handles (typological or otherwise) by which they can get to Jesus. I can recall a case where an interpreter’s eye has been so focused on how a passage points to Christ that he completely omitted the major theological issue the passage raised.

Can you point to helpful commentaries and other resources for preaching Christ from the OT?
There are gobs of books that deal with preaching Christ from the OT. I find I get more use from commentaries because I am usually dealing with particular texts of OT narrative. And what one prefers in commentaries is—like one’s toothbrush—very personal, I suppose. I prefer commentaries that focus on the meaning of the text (rather than go through 200 years of scholarly guesswork on how the text came together) and/or that focus on the theological intent of the text. But I shall not give any list. It all depends on the biblical book I’m working in.


Don’t Resist The Holy Spirit, Go On Our Tour

I received an unsolicited letter from Inner Faith travel today.
It was addressed to ‘Minister Ware’.
Among the reasons I should consider purchasing a ticket on one of their guided tours of the ‘Holy Land’ was:
“Gary and Margaret, if you have ever had an inner yearning to visit the Holy Land, that may well have been the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Don’t ignore it!”
I have a prior inner yearning to own an iPad 2.
So that must be God’s will instead, mustn’t it?

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KFC’s ‘Mantime Month’ Fantasy Begins

Here’s a promotional video for KFC’s ‘Mantime Month’.
The fantasy element is not two males wearing night vision goggles and playing table tennis in the dark while eating a fist-sized wad of chicken, bacon and cheese as a light snack.
The fantasy element is that the woman who interrupts the game by turning on the light is implied to be involved in a relationship with one of them.
Which actually passes fantasy and extends all the way to delusion.

(None of my commentary on this subject should be taken as an indication that I will not eat a KFC double, BTW)

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A Helpful Principle For Reading The Bible

From the Ligonier Blog:

The RC Sproul Jr. Principle of Hermeneutics is a tad more personal, and not just for me, its namesake. I did not, by the way, name this after me because of my pride. I named it for me because of its subject matter – stupid people. The principle is this – “Whenever you see someone doing something really stupid in the Bible, do not say to yourself, ‘How can they be so stupid?’ Instead say to yourself, ‘How am I stupid, just like them?’” You see it’s all too easy to look down our noses at those unsophisticated, pre-modern people in the Bible, and to pat ourselves on the back for not being like them. Trouble is, we are like them. We think, for instance, that had we been sent to spy out the Promised Land we would have come back like Joshua and Caleb, confident that God can deliver the land. Chances are, 10 in 12 in fact, that we would have been among the frightened and foolish crowd.

Read the rest of the post here.

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KFC’s Month of ‘Mantime’

Get ready for lots of outrage.
This will make a hipster pastor teaching universalistic annihilationism look like a storm in a teacup.
KFC (what we old timers used to know as ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken) is launching a promotion which hinges around the invitation to indulge in a month of ‘Mantime.’
The countdown clock on their website and Facebook page indicates there’s currently twelve hours to go. (I see one of my young facebook friends has already ‘liked’ the page in question. Go Duncan)
As part of the promotion KFC Australia are adding the ‘Double Down’ to their menu. I posted about the US counterpart of this last year. If you don’t recall it’s the ‘burger’ that uses two chicken fillets in place of bread, packing the other goodies between them.

As they say in the classics: ‘Game on.’
I wonder if my daughter can keep this news from my son-in-law for a whole month?


Stetzer, Horton: Reviews Of Rob Bell’s ‘Love Wins’

I promised a friend that when Ed Stetzer posted a review of Rob Bell’s ‘Love Wins’ that I’d post a link to it.
It seems that digital technology somehow ate Stetzer’s proper review, so he’s embarking on a series of posts engaging with the themes that are raised by Bell’s book.
One of the reasons why Stetzer has not sought to reproduce his efforts with a full review is because of the comprehensive responses which have emerged from other sources. One of those is by Kevin DeYoung which I linked to a couple of weeks ago.

Another long form review has been produced by Michael Horton.
There are currently seven parts.
Bell’s Hell: A Review by Michael Horton, Part 1
Bell’s Hell: A Review by Michael Horton, Part 2
Bell’s Hell: A Review by Michael Horton, Part 3
Bell’s Hell: A Review by Michael Horton, Part 4
Bell’s Hell: A Review by Michael Horton, Part 5
Bell’s Hell: A Review by Michael Horton, Part 6
Bell’s Hell: A Review by Michael Horton, Part 7