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2019 Hide And Seek Champion, Along With Every Other Year Since 1983 (via Cannot Unsee)

As Cannot Unsee points out, this could be a record, although no one knew he was hiding.

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Star Wars Rise Of Skywalker Final Trailer

“The Saga Will End”
We’ll see.

Who is Rey?
Will Poe Dameron ever do anything remotely heroic that doesn’t get lots of people killed?
Where will emo Darth Vader or whatever his name is end up?
Is Chewie going to get a medal sometime or another?
Is the Emperor really floating around somewhere, or was Supreme Leader Snoke just a complete waste of time?
Are we going to see a big, big, gathering of force ghosts sometime or another?
Any chance of the force being balanced?

Eh, maybe I have to watch eight or nine movies before December 19.

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The IMDb Rating For This Afternoon’s Movie

The Internet Movie Database rating for this afternoon’s movie is all you need to know.

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See Hunt For The Wilderpeople

It’s on NITV tonight.

But I’m going to watch the Blu-ray sometime soon as well.

It’s that good.

Ricky town. Population… Ricky.

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The World Of Planners

I’ve been hearing consistent updates about the adventures in ordering a particular planner from someone called Leanne Baker.
I’d say the fervor about these things is religious, but I think that may be an understatement.
And that’s without getting started on the subject of stickers.
I’m not sure if stickers are a ubiquitous aspect of planners, or are more like a separate denomination, or are something more akin to a distinct culture in themselves.
It’s all alien to me.
I don’t keep a diary or planner.
It does show.

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Why I Don’t Buy Funko Pop Vinyls (for me, anyway)

I’ve given some Funko Pop Vinyls to some of my kids.
But I don’t buy them for myself.
I’m bit off put about the way they’re crowding older style models and action figures out of the shelves.
There’s not anything wrong with them, and as a simple gift choice they make buying an inexpensive present easy.
However, I’m a collector at heart, and these things would be lethal.

This Vox article about Pops features on collector who owns 1080 of the 8366 individual figures released so far.
You can be sure that since this article was written both those numbers have gone up.

Find out about how long it takes to produce a new figure, the way they’ve penetrated all sorts of retailers beyond traditional toy stores, and the particular design details that causes people to find them attractive.

Read about a cultural phenomenon at Vox.

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The Honest Trailer For Avengers Endgame

The Honest Trailer for Avengers Endgame only goes for seven minutes, so it struggles to point out every plot-hole and inconsistent quirk in the movie.
After all, Endgame ran three hours and capped off twenty-one previous movies.
It could have been a very, very long trailer if they’d tried to do them all.

I’m still going to but a copy and watch it when it comes out as a take-home disc, though.