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Captive Congregation (via Atlas Obscura)

This Victorian era prison chapel placed the congregants/prisoners in seperate booths so they couldn’t see one another.
Today they just have worship with the lights out instead.
Though I accept that putting a roomfull of malcontents together in a dark room would have made for a very risky environment.
These days we could market it as introvert church.

Source: Atlas Obscura.

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A Celtic Cross Secretly Planted In A Forest (via Atlas Obscura)

Flying in and out of Mount Gambier over plantation pine forests, I don’t expect to see a sight like this.
A Celtic cross planted by one man in a forest in Ireland.
We may never know why, the person responsible has died.
From Atlas Obscura.


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Moroccan Tree Goats (via Atlas Obscura)

Atlas Obscura features goats in Morocco who climb trees to eat nuts. There’s additional gross information about how the ‘processed’ nuts are then gathered and pressed for oil. Ew.
Read and see more here.

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The Strange Procession Which Never Moves (via Atlas Obscura)

There seems something vaguely ancient Egyptian about Henry G. Wooldridge’s 19th century cemetery plot which features “likenesses of those from Wooldridge’s past, including a childhood sweetheart or his great-niece (depending on the lore), all of his sisters, his horse named “Fop,” plus his mother, brothers, as well as other creatures great and small who had been close to his heart.”
Read more at Atlas Obscura.