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Four New Elements

For those of you who memorise the names on the periodic table, Mental Floss lists the four latest additions.
They should be official on November 8.
Welcome nihonium, moscovium, tennessine, and oganesson.
The details are here.

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Simon’s Cat In ‘Field Trip’

This is pretty much what I consider all outdoor activity is like.

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Studying The Center Of The Earth (via Fake Science)

Fake Science continues to inform.


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Today’s Awww…

For those of you needing a little cheer, here’s a baby sea otter safe in its mother’s embrace while mum floats on water.

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No One Summited Mount Everest In 2015

Apparently ‘summited’ is the word to use for climbing to the peak of a mountain.
For the first time since 1974 no one summited Mount Everest last year, despite record permits being issued for those attempting the climb.
This detailed blog post outlines what happened during 2015 to bring about this unanticipated occurrence.