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Making Nature Documentaries Natural

There’s a substantial amount of editing used to make nature documentaries.
In order for them to seem natural, lots of unnatural stuff is done post filming in production.

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How Deep Is The Ocean?

As this video demonstrates the earth’s oceans go deep.
Very deep.
And there’s a lot of space that’s never been explored.

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Cyclone Debbie From Space

This striking image of Cyclone Debbie about to make landfall was featured in a Mental Floss post about the storm.
The Image Credit is: SSEC/Google Earth

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Otter Sliding In Snow

17 seconds of an otter sliding on snow.
For those who like that sort of thing.

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Animal Documentary Bloopers

You know those nature documentaries that feature the wonder of the natural grace and power of animals in the wild?
Well sometimes it doesn’t work out that way.

One and half minutes of nature as we tend not to see it.