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What Is The Difference Between Bees, Wasps, and Hornets? (via Today I Found Out)

This video from Today I Found Out is about the differences between bees, wasps, and hornets.
So, hornets are a type of wasp, and wasps can be either social or solitary.
And after their working life wasps spend their time waiting to die getting drunk.
Or something like that.
Watch the video.

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Magpie Serenade At Robe

This magpie sang a song and received a reward at Robe today.

The seagulls tried to join in; they knew the words but can’t hold a tune, so no rewards.

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Bin Chicken – The Evolution Of Nature Documentaries

This comedy sketch presents a faux nature documentary featuring Australia’s own white ibis, which has become an urban scavenger, the bin chicken.
Perhaps this will be an example of what nature documentaries will transition into.

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Pushbikes Of Sydney

Something different on this trip to Sydney has been sightings of pushbikes just sitting around the place unattended.

Watch them quietly resting in the urban wilderness, sometimes alone, other times in small peletons.

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Snow In The Sahara

As we swelter away in Mount Gambier with the temperature making it to 41 degrees Celsius yesterday and it’s back up to 36 degrees today about midday, here’s a slightly surreal BBC video featuring the town of Ain Sefra, on the edge of the Sahara desert, where, as unlikely as it may seem, they had snow.
Snow and the Sahara.
Not usually thought of together.

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5000kms In 4 Minutes

This four minute video condenses a journey along the length of the Continental Divide Trail from the US/Mexico border to the US/Canada border through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, covering some 5000kms.
Finally, a way to appreciate the outdoors.
I think I’m going to watch the three hour Ghan train movie on SBS Sunday night.
It’s better than leaving home.

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Making Nature Documentaries Natural

There’s a substantial amount of editing used to make nature documentaries.
In order for them to seem natural, lots of unnatural stuff is done post filming in production.