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Rainbow Water

One of my daughters showed me this bottle of water she bought at her gym.
“Electrolyte rich mineral water infused with the frequency of rainbow”.
I think it is actually part of the staple diet of unicorns.

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Tree Failure

One of my daughters is in Sydney this week.
She shared this photo with us today.
Every now and again you encounter a phrase that is entirely new to you.
I’ve never heard of ‘tree failure’ before.
Someone had to think it up.
Maybe it was a committee.
Perhaps someone had to sign off and approve it.
It’s hard to believe this is a one person product.

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Breakfast And A Show

My daughter decided today was the day to have breakfast out, and that waffles were the meal of choice. Excellent decision. While we were waiting for breakfast to arrive, I looked out the window and saw a person standing on top of the arch of the pedestrian bridge. It took a few seconds to work out that this was not a bridge climb tour but some random member of the public who decided (probably post World Cup semifinal) to climb up there. After standing there for a while he began his descent, which gathered quite some pace (eventually seated and sliding down the arch) until landing on the path. He didn’t go very far for a while. A few people stopped and offered support. Hopefully an important life lesson was learned. Breakfast and a show.

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Cheese Rolling

Cheese Rolling.
I can’t think of anything much to write about the Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling races.
It leaves me pretty speechless.

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Optical Illusion – Two Identical Photos

This just doesn’t look right.


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Chewbacca Sings Silent Night

In which Chewbacca sings the Wookiee translation (presumably) of Silent Night.

(as a bonus here’s one of my daughter’s favourite ‘cats singing Silent Night’ clips as well. If you listen to it, it’s your own fault.)

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The Answer To A Question No One Was Asking

What would Coca Cola and coffee mixed together taste like?, asked no one ever.

I saw Coca Cola Plus Coffee (no sugar) in Coles this morning.

Apparently there must have been throngs Of folk putting a teaspoon or two of International Roast in their Diet Cokes.

Now the good people of CC have done the job for you.