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Birthday Cat

Boots the cat lives at my principal Brisbane home away from home.

She celebrated her 19th birthday today.

A remarkable effort.

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Bin Chickens Of Sydney

Early morning sightings of bin chickens during my morning walk in Sydney this morning.

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Training Cats (via Fake Science)

This observation about training cats from Fake Science may have some parallels in pastoral ministry.

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Waiting Until The Coast Is Clear

Portrait of household cat (Smidge) asking if school-holiday visitor has gone home yet.

She spent a leisurely day under our bed.

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In The Doghouse

This video clip from the South China Morning Post starts off as an eccentric story about a Chinese man who builds a $500,000 house for his dog to live in.
As the story unfolds it becomes something else, a remarkably poignant insight into the power relationships and family love; both those that are ruptured and those that remain.

Toward the end a comment is made that contrasts relationships that are broken with those that endure.

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Magpie Serenade At Robe

This magpie sang a song and received a reward at Robe today.

The seagulls tried to join in; they knew the words but can’t hold a tune, so no rewards.