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Alaskan Car Jumping

This could be a thing in Mount Gambier.
Simple premise: people watching stripped back vehicles speed off the edge of a cliff.
“Gravity always wins”

A news report style clip.

This video has better footage of the actual jumps.

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Breakfast And A Show

My daughter decided today was the day to have breakfast out, and that waffles were the meal of choice. Excellent decision. While we were waiting for breakfast to arrive, I looked out the window and saw a person standing on top of the arch of the pedestrian bridge. It took a few seconds to work out that this was not a bridge climb tour but some random member of the public who decided (probably post World Cup semifinal) to climb up there. After standing there for a while he began his descent, which gathered quite some pace (eventually seated and sliding down the arch) until landing on the path. He didn’t go very far for a while. A few people stopped and offered support. Hopefully an important life lesson was learned. Breakfast and a show.

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Cheese Rolling

Cheese Rolling.
I can’t think of anything much to write about the Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling races.
It leaves me pretty speechless.

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How Rita Experienced Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is a favourite movie; this video edits the footage to portray how Rita, the female character played by Andie MacDowall, experiences the events portrayed.
It doesn’t necessarily ruin the movie, but it does highlight how inexplicable her reaction to Phil’s (Bill Murray) transformation is.

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Optical Illusion – Two Identical Photos

This just doesn’t look right.


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Bad Christmas Presents #3

#3 in a series of what not to give your beloved for Christmas.
The rain wouldn’t be the only thing getting wiped away.

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Bad Christmas Presents #2

#2 in a series of what not to give your beloved for Christmas.
Even buying the most expensive one in Bunnings won’t save you.