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Grown Water – Fruit and Vegetable Juice Without the Fruit and Vegetables

We saw the latest in bottled water in the supermarket today.
Botanical Water.
It may win the prize for most surreal product since rainbow water.

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Rainbow Water

One of my daughters showed me this bottle of water she bought at her gym.
“Electrolyte rich mineral water infused with the frequency of rainbow”.
I think it is actually part of the staple diet of unicorns.

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Tree Failure

One of my daughters is in Sydney this week.
She shared this photo with us today.
Every now and again you encounter a phrase that is entirely new to you.
I’ve never heard of ‘tree failure’ before.
Someone had to think it up.
Maybe it was a committee.
Perhaps someone had to sign off and approve it.
It’s hard to believe this is a one person product.

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Daylight Saving Clock Watching

Video in which someone watches their clock advance from 1:59am to 3:00am with the commencement of daylight saving.
I sleep through this and have no desire to watch it personally, but this is what happens.
A clock watcher’s dream.

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City Of Ugg

I’ve also noticed that every third shop in the Sydney cbd sells UGG boots. or so it seems.

Do they really have that much demand for ugg boots?

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Societal Breakdown

Why won’t people put their trolleys in the bay with the same sorts of trolleys?

Some days I sort them out.

If I was writing ‘Dante’s Inferno’ this would rate a special level in Hell.

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An American In Metro

Metro Cafe in Mount Gambier has a dvd of An American In Paris (sound on mute) playing on their tv pretty much endlessly.

I’ve never seen them show any other dvd, and it’s either the dvd menu or the movie itself showing, no matter the time of day.