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Cuddle Clones – Hand Made Replicas Of Your Pets

Cuddle Clones started making plush replicas of pets and animals.
The range of products has increased in a number of ways.
I’m just not sure about the slippers or ear-rings. The gold-club covers seem reasonable, though.

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Watching The World Burn On The Gold Coast

I recently enjoyed two weeks on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

The only aggravating thing was seeing these when I was out in the mornings.

C’mon Gold Coast. Really.

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Cheese Rolling

Cheese Rolling.
I can’t think of anything much to write about the Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling races.
It leaves me pretty speechless.

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How Rita Experienced Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is a favourite movie; this video edits the footage to portray how Rita, the female character played by Andie MacDowall, experiences the events portrayed.
It doesn’t necessarily ruin the movie, but it does highlight how inexplicable her reaction to Phil’s (Bill Murray) transformation is.

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Meanwhile In Sydney

On the third floor of a sportsbar style hotel someone’s watching The Lion King.

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Optical Illusion – Two Identical Photos

This just doesn’t look right.


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I Am Sirius, … And Don’t Call Me Shirley. Or Ferry McFerryface.

I thought Ferry McFerryface was a good name for a ferry.