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Rhino – The Ryan Harris Biography

Getting into a holiday mindset takes a simple read or two.
Rhino by Ryan Harris is a perfect example: very readable and undemanding.
This sporting biography features not one, but two co-writers, but Harris’ story is interesting because of the mid-career recreation that he effected going from journeyman to spearhead in the midst of continuing struggles with injury.
The fact he experienced that season of success as part of the Queensland team makes it all the more engaging.
Sorry, South Australia.

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Pierre Durand, Huguenot Martyr – Simonetta Carr

Simonetta Carr introduces the forgotten people of Christian history, this time Pierre Durand:

Pierre Durand was not simply an isolated martyr in the history of the church.
He was one of the main architects in a concerted effort to bring the Huguenot churches to unity, order, and theological orthodoxy.

read about Durand here.

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Mr Eternity

Holiday reading starts with biography, and a couple of folk from Bible Study at MGPC recently said they’d enjoyed reading Mr Eternity – The Story of Arthur Stace.
It’s very engagingly written, a combination of personal affection and biographical account.

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In his autobiography, Born To Run, Bruce Springsteen reflects on the profound impact his relationship with his father, had on his life and performance persona.

Those whose love we wanted but could not get, we emulate. It is dangerous but makes us feel closer, gives us an illusion of the intimacy we never had. It stakes our claim upon that which was rightfully ours but denied. In my twenties, as my song and my story began to take shape, I searched for the voice I would blend with mine to do the telling. It is a moment when through creativity and will you can rework, repossess and rebirth the conflicting voices of your childhood, to turn them into something alive, powerful and seeking light. I’m a repairman. That’s part of my job. So I, who’d never done a week’s worth of manual labor in my life (hail, hail rock ‘n’ roll!), put on a factory worker’s clothes, my father’s clothes, and went to work.
One night I had a dream. I’m onstage in full flight, the night is burning and my dad, long dead, sits quietly in an aisle seat in the audience. Then … I’m kneeling next to him in the aisle, and for a moment, we both watch the man on fire onstage. I touch his forearm and say to my dad, who for so many years sat paralysed by depression, “Look, Dad, look … that guy onstage … that’s you, that’s how I see you.”

Born To Run, Bruce Springsteen, Simon & Schuster, 2016, pg 414

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Ali – A Life by Jonathan Eig

I saw an excellently priced copy of Ali – A Life by Jonathan Eig at Big W.
It looks like it will be the standard biography of a landmark figure in 20th century popular culture.
Ali was so much a product of the culture in which he grew up, was prepared to stand aloof from that culture and suffer its condemnation, and came to be accepted and revered by that same culture on his own terms. A transformative figure.
I’m not a fan of boxing (I balk at ticking the ‘Sport’ box in my tags, but this is well written and provides genuine insight into a polarising and distinctive figure.

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Holiday Reading – Resilient by Mitchell Johnson 

I’ve left Captain Cook floating around New Zealand (it’s okay, I already know where he’ll be arriving in a couple of weeks) to read Mitchell Johnson’s autobiography, Resilent.
There is much to admire about Johnson’s effort to come back from being written off as an international cricketer, a comeback that represented personal growth as much as physical recovery and skill development.

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Holiday Reading – The Happiest Refugee 

So, next holiday reading book is a biography, Ann Do’s The Happiest Refugee.
He’s an engaging author, and his story is remarkable.
Bookstore QBD have it for a great price.