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Maths And Pizza

I swiped borrowed these images from twitter which demonstrate that if you like the topped portion of pizza, one eighteen inch pie provides more edible area than two twelve inch pies; however, if you like crust, then the two pie order should be your go to option.

What a dilemma.

Also, who had any idea that maths has practical applications in real life?

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There Should Be One Of These In Mount Gambier

Pizza Capers.
Not in South Australia.

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Pizza Delivery By Reindeer Not Going Ahead For Some Reason Or Another

Dominos Japan thought delivering pizza by reindeer would be a good idea.
After trials they haven’t proceeded with the plan.

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Alton Brown’s Industrial Size Easy-Bake Oven

Alton Brown is legendary.
Here’s evidence.
Inspired by the lightbulb powered children’s toy, the Easy-Bake oven, Alton constructed his own larger than life model that features enough light to be seen from space, and which can cook a pizza in under five minutes.

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The History Of Pizza

Pizza is a perfect food. I could eat it every day.
I wish I could have studied pizza history.
I bet that Pizza is a subject at university now.
Jalapeno and pineapple… that could be alright.

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I Wonder If These Pizza Delivery Cars Are Being Sold To The Public

In the US Dominos have developed a delivery car that has a built-in warming oven.
Why can’t every car be fitted out this way?

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Cats Stealing Pizza

I love pizza.
Lucky cats.
Who can blame them?