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City Of Ugg

I’ve also noticed that every third shop in the Sydney cbd sells UGG boots. or so it seems.

Do they really have that much demand for ugg boots?

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Societal Breakdown

Why won’t people put their trolleys in the bay with the same sorts of trolleys?

Some days I sort them out.

If I was writing ‘Dante’s Inferno’ this would rate a special level in Hell.

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An American In Metro

Metro Cafe in Mount Gambier has a dvd of An American In Paris (sound on mute) playing on their tv pretty much endlessly.

I’ve never seen them show any other dvd, and it’s either the dvd menu or the movie itself showing, no matter the time of day.

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Alaskan Car Jumping

This could be a thing in Mount Gambier.
Simple premise: people watching stripped back vehicles speed off the edge of a cliff.
“Gravity always wins”

A news report style clip.

This video has better footage of the actual jumps.

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Cuddle Clones – Hand Made Replicas Of Your Pets

Cuddle Clones started making plush replicas of pets and animals.
The range of products has increased in a number of ways.
I’m just not sure about the slippers or ear-rings. The gold-club covers seem reasonable, though.

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Australian National Dictionary Centre’s Word of the Year 2018 – AKA It Must Have Been A Slow Year For Australian Words

It’s time for the Australian National Dictionary Center to release their ‘Word Of The Year’ for 2018.
This usually involves trawling the backwaters of social media to locate a phrase no one’s ever heard of.
No doubt you hear last year’s winner ‘Kwaussie’ – ‘kiwi(New Zealander)-aussie’ in general usage on a daily basis.
2018’s winner is ‘Canberra Bubble.’
This is the phenomenon whereby federal politicians, bureaucrats, and political journalists believe what’s going on in Canberra is actually of substantial interest to the rest of Australia.
Other short listed phrases were ‘bag rage’, the impact of finding out supermarkets no longer provide free shopping bags, and ‘drought relief’, the collection and provision of support for those struggling with lack of rain in primary production (and wondering where all the money that was collected has ended up).
All in all it seems to be have been a slow year for Australian language, which is a bit disappointing given that the Honey Badger spent all those weeks being the Bachelor.
And why hasn’t ‘Netflix and chill’ ever got a run?

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Watching The World Burn On The Gold Coast

I recently enjoyed two weeks on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

The only aggravating thing was seeing these when I was out in the mornings.

C’mon Gold Coast. Really.