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Cat Party by Koo Koo Kanga Roo

Cat Party plays at our house sometimes.
‘Bring your cat, and something to share.’

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A Basic Rule Of Parenting

A basic rule of parenting: No one wants to play with it, until someone wants to play with it; then everyone wants to play with it, but not together.
To illustrate:

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Scrabble Cake

A special Scrabble cake for Alison Cunningham, a very special and dear lady who has been a wonderful mother in law to me for 34 of her 80 years.

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Lunch, Al Fresco

Eating lunch Charlotte Street, Brisbane on August 2.
Because we can.
#don'tneedasnowsuit #notlikehome

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When Children Worship (via Donny Friederichsen)

When Children Worship by Donny Friederichsen, posted at the Christward Collective.

The Reformed faith has consistently viewed the church from two angles. There is the invisible church, which consists of all those of all time who are the elect of Christ. The full number of this people is known only by God. We also speak of the visible church. The visible consists of “all those throughout the world that profess the true religion; and of their children” (WCF 25.2). We include our children in the number of the visible church because the promises and blessings of the covenant have always included the children. The promises to Abraham and to his children are repeated in every successive covenant throughout the Bible. So our children are rightfully members of our church.
If our children are members of the church, doesn’t it just make sense that they be present during the regular Lord’s Day worship? The clear assumption throughout the Scriptures is that children are part of the regular worship of the people of God.

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