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Year 6 Musical 2019

Having watched three of my children in the year 6 musical that St Martin’s puts on each year I now get to go watch it because my daughter teaches year 6.

This year’s production is called Rock Bottom. I think there’s something of a Flintstone’s meets a rambling search for something irrelevant with skit-like episodes and puerile jokes (think Monty Python and the Holy Grail) meets She or Dorian Gray (of all things). With ensemble songs and dancing.

There are three performances and this is the last.

They did very, very well.

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Early Father’s Day In A Snap

It was inevitable that my kids would figure out a wonderful early Father’s Day present.

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Elsa Cake

Auntie Rachel’s birthday cake for Felicity improves on Disney’s design with the addition of a specially requested unicorn.

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Being Parents Who Are Failures At Perfectionism (via Chad Bird)

Contemporary parenting undertakes the burden of providing a perfect life experience for children. It is an expression control on the part of the parent, taking the role of a God in the life of their child. And the more micro-controlled that the upbringing of children is becoming is being accompanied by an increase in anxiety among them.

From Chad Bird:

God knows that if there’s anything our world needs, it’s certainly not more superparents. We need plain old boring moms and dads. The kind who are more concerned with modelling humble, loving service to their children than hot-housing them into superbabies who out-SAT and out-GPA their classmates. The kind of parents who are more concerned with teaching their children “the joy of tasting tomatoes, apples and pears,” as William Martin writes, than the thrill of guzzling the intoxicating liquor of success. The kind of parents who are utter failures at perfectionism, at being heroes and heroines, at maintaining complete control of their child’s upbringing — in short, who fail at being a god — in order that the grace of God might succeed in our lives as moms and dads as well as in the lives of our children.
Most of all, we need the kind of parents who see their primary identity not as parents but as children. Before I am a father, I am a son of God. Before my wife is a mother, she is a daughter of God. Before we are anything else — parent, spouse, worker, citizen — we are children of our heavenly Father.

Chad Bird, Upside-Down Spirituality: The Nine Essential Failures Of A Faithful Life, Baker, 2019, pgs 94-95.

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Today’s Loan Car

Driving to church in the land of beautiful one day and perfect the next.

I am so well looked after when I travel.