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Husbands Of Target

Mount Gambier’s Target store was closed down and demolished, never to return.
And in Australia I think K-Mart is the store most likely to qualify for this level of time spent in store and frequency of visits.
Otherwise this scenario would seem viable.
(I think the concept of the ‘day-care van’ is what really elevates this)

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Chadstone Shopping Center

Bigger than Mount Gambier Marketplace and Mount Gambier Central combined.

Much bigger.

This bit was something like five stories up.

It’s a bit bonkers, really.

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Wind Spinner Security 

Our local shopping center has a stall which sells wind spinners.
We’ve been walking past for days trying not to make eye contact.
If it happens you can feel your soul being drained from your body.
At the end of the day they wrap the stall up in blue plastic tarp.
I think it’s a security measure designed to stop people sneaking them back at night.
But the truly desperate folk could still toss them over the top.

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Day Trip To Adelaide, Stop Four

Typo (like Smiggle but older) for a water bottle, eQuip for a backpack and some hair accessories, JB Hi Fi (Taylor Swift… don’t hate, hate, hate us) and a few other places.
Nearly done.