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Still Probably Safer Than The Pick Avenue – Jubilee Highway Intersection

This looks like a snap compared to Mount Gambier’s notorious Jubilee Highway – Pick Avenue Intersection.


How Some Of Our Residents See A Local Traffic Intersection (via xkcd)

Mount Gambier had a set of traffic lights installed on the intersection of the Jubilee Highway and Pick Avenue about a year ago.
Traffic lights themselves are nothing new, but this set featured our first arrow to turn right array.
The type that starts red, and then disappears altogether, until later when a green arrow shows the oncoming lane has halted.
No biggie for city drivers, but this isn’t the city.
Locals assumed when the red arrow went away it was safe to turn.
Accidents ensued.
We now have an illuminated sign that comes on advising fold to turn with care when the arrows are not illuminated.

This xkcd cartoon makes me think this must be how some locals view that intersection.

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Driving Home

This is it, folks.
The last stage of a very long journey.
At the airport last night I thought ‘We really could just drive home now.’ but by the time I hit the bed at the motel I realized that was rubbish.
A very good night’s sleep.
Now to drive some more.

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New Addition To Family Driving Pool

Peter, our driver for stage one of our trip to Adelaide.

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The Clean Car

This was the concluding anecdote from a family tribute delivered at a funeral I conducted last week:

One day Dad needed to go to town and pick up stuff for the farm. Mum also needed some groceries and had some bills to pay so they thought they should go together. Mum came outside and here is Dad waiting in the Ute but it was filthy dirty so Mum said “No I’m not going in that, it needs to be cleaned”. Surprisingly Dad agreed and when mum came back outside it was spotless. Off they went up to town and all around. Mum said it was funny, Dad’s driving, instead of going straight from shop to shop like normal he was going around blocks and zig zagging from here to there. When they stopped Dad was jumping out opening the door for Mum and helping her in and out of shops. Again – unusual behaviour for Dad. They even parked on the Main Street. Eventually they got it all done and returned [home] where Mum got out walked around and Dad’s behaviour was finally explained. He had only washed Mum’s side of the Ute!

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Sound Advice For (Mount Gambier) Drivers

Because Mount Gambier pedestrians are very tempting.
Whenever I comment ‘I could get that one,’ Margaret never fails to point out the illegality of such an action.

~ The Book of Good Manners: A Guide to Polite Usage for all Social Functions, by Frederick H. Martens, 1923

via (one of my favourite blogs)