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Another Trip Home

My friend seemed slightly confused that I was happy to be dropped at the airport early and wait. It just seems closer to home.

I enjoy the moment of anxiety reduction that occurs when the buckle clicks and I know there’s only a two hour flight and a five hour drive and then I’ll be home.

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Today’s Loan Car

Driving to church in the land of beautiful one day and perfect the next.

I am so well looked after when I travel.


Scooters Of Adelaide

In contrast to the bicycles of Sydney, my morning walk around Adelaide has revealed scooters.

The internet has not settled on a collective noun for scooters. Some suggestions are exceedingly unkind.

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Scenic Highlights Of Brisbane

This could have been a whole series in itself.

I haven’t included last night’s or today’s lifesavers.

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Queensland Life Saver

Sitting under this during meetings in Brisbane.

One side of the building’s air conditioning is ten degrees hotter than the other.

We’ve moved our meeting to the cool side.

How do people live here?

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The Second Best Thing To See Behind Me In Adelaide

My favorite sight in Adelaide is seeing the toll gate in my rear vision mirror when I go past it on the highway driving home.

That would be too tricky a shot, so I’ll settle for this view of the plane behind me on the tarmac at Adelaide airport instead.

Anyway, see you again next Sunday Adelaide airport.