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Eye Of Sauron, Port Augusta Style

The solar power tower certainly stand out on the horizon as you near Port Augusta.

It always makes me think of middle earth.

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Basecamp Established

The committees of the national Presbyterian Church meet over the coming week in Sydney. It’s sort of a week later, but five full weekdays are needed to fit everything as comfortably as possible.

Courtesy of bad weather (and who can complain?) and a medical emergency at Melbourne airport (and who can complain?) it means a door to door trip of ten hours.

Thanks to Rex, Qantas and the Church’s travel agent for helping me arrive and have some where to stay.

Church and then meeting one tomorrow.

(And it’s 8.56 and 32 degrees outside, thanks for air conditioning)

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The Hazy Skies

The sun is shining, but cloud and smoke are hiding the sky.

We’ll see how things look from above and across the nation.

See you in 2020 Brisbane.

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Lunch At Happy Days Diner, Maryborough

Saw Mum and then had lunch with my sister during her work break.

Happy Days Diner has a themed burger/americana menu.

And photo opportunities with the king.

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Visiting Bauple

On our way home from Maryborough today my wife mentioned she’d never been to the township of Bauple, which is off the highway south of Tiara.

Apparently there’s family history in the region. We did go past a Cunningham Road, so it seems legit.

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Evening Commute

Full day of meetings concluded.

Train trip and then a shortish drive, and then sleep.

Longer drive to visit family tomorrow.

Then dinner with friends.