Mount Gambier had a set of traffic lights installed on the intersection of the Jubilee Highway and Pick Avenue about a year ago.
Traffic lights themselves are nothing new, but this set featured our first arrow to turn right array.
The type that starts red, and then disappears altogether, until later when a green arrow shows the oncoming lane has halted.
No biggie for city drivers, but this isn’t the city.
Locals assumed when the red arrow went away it was safe to turn.
Accidents ensued.
We now have an illuminated sign that comes on advising fold to turn with care when the arrows are not illuminated.

This xkcd cartoon makes me think this must be how some locals view that intersection.

2 thoughts on “How Some Of Our Residents See A Local Traffic Intersection (via xkcd)

  1. Damien Carson says:

    People who live in Melbourne probably won’t understand why this cartoon is funny.

    1. Gary Ware says:

      Ah, hook turns aren’t that bad.

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